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New Keanu Reeves crack Replicas looks so bad that it could be perfect

Every once in a while, a film comes along that is so resoundingly terrible that it achieves perfection. It doesn’t just have a sore twist, awful acting, or some kind of cheesy technology. It has everything. And that’s accurately the vibe you’ll get from Replicas, the astoundingly ridiculous new film starring Keanu Reeves and the robot from I, Robot.

So here’s the tract of Replicas, insofar as one can call it a plot. Reeves is a neuroscientist who has a heads-up display that allows him to teleport (???) his passed wife and children’s minds into other bodies (???) or maybe robots (???) or maybe counterpart them (???). Any film that earns 12 doubt marks formed on the trailer alone is already unfailing for cult-classic status.

There are robots that demeanour just like the CGI from I, Robot, which is convenient. Also there is some kind of record that plunges a needle into your eye, since as we said, this film has everything. Reeves’ lab partner is played by Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley), which done me consider that at any moment, a crazy VC was going to show up and try to deposit in something. A social media height that stabs your eyes preemptively before you start posting? Sounds great! [Bong hit.]

Replicas‘ “so bad it’s good” bona fides are impeccable. It was destined by Jeffrey Nachmann, who wrote ridiculous fakey-pants meridian change film The Day After Tomorrow (in which Jake Gyllenhaal is chased by “cold” down a hallway). It was created by relations visitor Chad St. John, whose only other underline credit is a nonsensical Gerard Butler crack called London Has Fallen, which is about how ONE MAN can forestall EVERY WORLD LEADER from being killed. Plus, as we mentioned earlier, it stars Keanu Reeves. we adore me some Keanu, but the man flattering much specializes in cheesy movement flicks.


Even if this film turns out to be merely bad rather than sublimely horrible, we will always have this trailer. It’s the best instance I’ve ever seen of a film that combines every sci-fi cliché into one distilled self-murder soda of a plot. Can’t wait to watch this one.

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