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Everybody’s favorite belligerent and oppressive- nonetheless somehow peace-loving- cult of eremite immigrants is back in the news. Last week, we reported on things getting critical in the U.K., currently it’s all about Great Brit’s former cluster of criminals, Australia. Yep, after evading to Down Under and western freedom, a bolt of Islamists now announce that Australia has no right to ask Muslims to sing their inhabitant anthem or value the approved beliefs of western citizenship.

This, according to Islamic romantic group, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which is campaigning against Australia since they trust the country is enforcing approved values and a “disputed view” of story which contradicts Islamic beliefs.

“Requiring schoolchildren to sing the inhabitant anthem, and the citizenship oath ancillary approved values, are a partial of an rough campaign by Australian authorities of ‘forced assimilation’ of the Muslim community”.

– Hizb-ut-Tahrir spokesman, Unthman Badar

Well, if there’s one enlightenment that knows a thing or two about “forced assimilation” it would be Islam. Mr. Badar goes on to insist that this ostensible hardship is due to an “exaggerated fear of a confidence threat”. Yeah, since someone who represents a faith complement with a story of assault while giving the finger to democracy from inside your own borders is a totally absurd thing to be endangered about. Personally, we consider Mr. Badar is just ticked off since he thinks the supervision got their teaching routine started before he could start his.


Getting back to the whole inhabitant anthem quibble, Mr. Badar asks, “If you don’t share those values, since should they [Muslim children] be forced to sing it?” Believe it or not, Mr. Badar does curve into a current question, nonetheless he incorrectly thinks it lends faith to his argument. If the western leaders would take a second to mislay their heads from a certain sun-less plcae they competence comprehend what this doubt actually implies: If Muslims don’t share the values, since would they want to quit to approved countries? If they reject democracy in preference of continued Muslim/Sharia culture, are they really “fleeing” from that multitude at all? Why would we wish people like that inside the borders?

Mr. Badar creates another essential indicate when he states, “The try to remodel Islam is cursed to failure.” Truer difference have never been spoken. Sharia vital is inseparable from Islam as any Muslim who admits to vital under the Quran will tell you. The supposed western Muslims are gripping still about all these “Bad Muslims” possibly since they’re in contemptible rejection about loyal Islam, in undisguised insubordination – which would be a death judgment – or are secretly supportive. Either way, it’s past time western leaders took a page out of Islam’s loyalty and started identifying liberty-centric beliefs to mount up for accurately what democracy is and… is not. Anyone who wants to mount on the side of the line is welcome, anyone who doesn’t can go back home and rape your own women and welcome global hate.

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