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MSNBC Ignores Catastrophic U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

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For the renouned US wire news network MSNBC, the largest charitable disaster in the universe is apparently not worth much attention—even as the US supervision has played a pivotal role in formulating and progressing that forlorn crisis.

An research by FAIR has found that the heading magnanimous wire network did not run a singular shred clinging privately to Yemen in the second half of 2017.

And in these latter roughly 6 months of the year, MSNBC ran scarcely 5,000 percent some-more segments that mentioned Russia than segments that mentioned Yemen.


Moreover, in all of 2017, MSNBC only aired one promote on the US-backed Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians. And it never mentioned the bankrupt nation’s gigantic cholera epidemic, which putrescent some-more than 1 million Yemenis in the largest conflict in available history.

All of this is despite the fact that the US supervision has played a heading role in the 33-month fight that has ravaged Yemen, selling many billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia, refueling Saudi warplanes as they relentlessly explosve municipal areas and providing intelligence and military assistance to the Saudi air force.

With little corporate media coverage from MSNBC or elsewhere, the US—under both presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump—has staunchly upheld Saudi Arabia as it imposes a suffocating besiege on Yemen, diplomatically helmet the draconian Gulf persecution from any form of punishment as it has plunged millions of Yemeni civilians into mass craving and pushed the lowest country in the Middle East onto the margin of famine.

1 Mention of Saudi Airstrikes; No Mention of Cholera

A favorite thesis of MSNBC coverage.

FAIR conducted a consummate research of MSNBC‘s broadcasts archived on the Nexis news database. (The total in this report are subsequent from Nexis.)

In 2017, MSNBC ran 1,385 broadcasts that mentioned “Russia,” “Russian” or “Russians.” Yet only 82 broadcasts used the difference “Yemen,” “Yemeni” or “Yemenis” in the whole year.

Moreover, the infancy of the 82 MSNBC broadcasts that mentioned Yemen did so only once and in passing, mostly simply as one republic in a longer list of nations targeted by President Trump’s transport ban.

Of these 82 broadcasts in 2017, there was only a single MSNBC news shred clinging privately to the US-backed Saudi fight in Yemen.

On Jul 2, the network ran a shred on Ari Melber’s The Point (7/2/17) entitled “Saudi arms understanding could wear Yemen crisis.” The three-minute promote covered many of the vicious points about US support for the inauspicious Saudi fight in Yemen.

Yet this ominous shred stood alone in the whole year. A hunt of the Nexis database and the Yemen tag on MSNBC‘s website shows that, in the approximately 6 months after this Jul 2 broadcast, the network did not persevere another shred privately to the fight in Yemen.

A hunt of MSNBC broadcasts also shows that, while the network would infrequently within the same promote discuss both Yemen and airstrikes, it did not—aside from Ari Melber’s sole segment—acknowledge the existence of US/Saudi bloc airstrikes on Yemen.

MSNBC only beheld airstrikes in Yemen when they were directed at Al Qaeda.

The closest the network differently came was in a Mar 31, 2017 shred on the Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, in which Joy Reid said, “And as the New York Times reports, the United States launched some-more attacks in Yemen this month than during all of last year.” But Reid was referencing a New York Times report (3/29/17) on US airstrikes on Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (which numbered in the dozens), not US/Saudi bloc airstrikes on Houthi-controlled domain in Yemen (which numbered in the thousands).

While ignoring the US/Saudi bloc airstrikes and the thousands of civilians they killed, however, MSNBC did report on Houthi attacks on Saudi warships of the seashore of Yemen. In his show MTP Daily (2/1/17), Chuck Todd agreeably covered the anti-Iran posturing of Trump and National Security confidant Michael Flynn. He misleadingly spoke of the Houthis as Iranian proxies and gave former US diplomat Nicholas Burns a height to claim, “Iran is a aroused rascal in the Middle East.” On Feb 1 and 2, Chris Hayes also reported on the Houthi attack.

MSNBC was fervent to prominence attacks by US central enemies, nonetheless the tens of thousands of air sorties Saudi Arabia has launched in Yemen—with weapons, fuel and comprehension from the US and UK—were done almost wholly invisible by the network.

Years of US/Saudi bloc bombing and besiege of Yemen further decimated the bad country’s health system, plunging it into a cholera widespread that has killed thousands of people and broken all prior records. MSNBC did not once acknowledge this disaster either, according to a hunt on Nexis and MSNBC’s website. Cholera was only mentioned on MSBNC in 2017 in the context of Haiti, not Yemen.

Only Interested When Americans Die

While MSNBC did not worry to discuss Yemen’s cholera epidemic, it did demonstrate lots of seductiveness in a catastrophic Navy SEAL raid President Donald Trump authorized in the country, which left an American dead. Particularly early in the year, the network clinging estimable coverage to the January 29 raid, which killed dozens of Yemeni civilians and one US soldier.

A hunt of the Nexis database shows that MSNBC mentioned the Trump-approved US raid in Yemen in 36 graphic segments in 2017. All of the network’s major shows constructed segments that focused on the raid: MTP Daily on Jan 31 and Mar 1; All In on Feb 2, Feb 8 and Mar 1; For the Record on Feb 6; The Last Word on Feb 6, 8 and 27; Hardball on Mar 1; and the Rachel Maddow Show on Feb 2, Feb 3, Feb 23 and Mar 6.

But after this raid left the news cycle, so too did Yemen. A hunt of Nexis and the Yemen tab on the MSBNC website shows that, incompatible Ari Melber’s sole Jul segment, the latest segment MSNBC devoted privately to Yemen in 2017 was the Rachel Maddow Show‘s Mar 6 report on the SEAL raid.

The summary conveyed is clear: to the heading magnanimous US wire news network, Yemen is applicable when it is Americans who die—not when thousands of Yemenis are killed, inebriated daily by Saudi Arabia, with US weapons, fuel and intelligence; not when millions of Yemenis are on the verge of starving to death while the US/Saudi bloc uses craving as a weapon.

The finish that only Americans’ lives are newsworthy is reliable by the fact that Trump launched another disastrous raid in Yemen on May 23, in which several Yemeni civilians were once again killed. But American soldiers did not die in this raid, so MSNBC had no interest. The network did not persevere coverage to this second botched Yemen raid.

Constant Attention to Russia

According to a Nexis hunt of the network’s broadcasts from Jan 1 to Jul 2, 2017, “Yemen,” “Yemeni” or “Yemenis” were mentioned in 68 MSNBC segments—nearly all of which were associated to the SEAL raid or the list of countries targeted by Trump’s Muslim ban.

In the approximately 6 months from Jul 3 by the finish of December, the difference “Yemen,” “Yemeni” or “Yemenis” were only spoken in 14 segments. In many of these segments, Yemen was mentioned just once in passing.

One of some-more than a thousand MSNBC segments last year that mentioned Russia.

In this same 181-day duration in which MSNBC had no segments clinging privately to Yemen, the terms “Russia,” “Russian” or “Russians” were mentioned in a towering 693 broadcasts.

This is to say, in the latter half of 2017, MSNBC aired 49.5 times more—or 4,950 percent more—segments that spoke of Russia than segments that spoke of Yemen.

In fact, in the 4 days from Dec 26 to Dec 29 alone, MSNBC said “Russia,” “Russian” or “Russians” scarcely 400 times in 23 apart broadcasts, on all of the network’s major shows, including Hardball, All In, Rachel Maddow, The Last Word, Meet the Press Daily and The Beat.

The day after Christmas featured an assault of Russia coverage. On Dec 26, the difference “Russia,” “Russian” or “Russians” were spoken a towering 156 times in the broadcasts from 5 pm EST to 11 pm. The following is the relapse of the series of mentions of Russia:

  • 33 times on MTP Daily at 5 pm
  • 6 times on The Beat at 6 pm
  • 30 times on Hardball at 7 pm
  • 38 times on All In at 8 pm
  • 40 times Rachel Maddow at 9 pm
  • 9 times on The Last Word (with Ari Melber stuffing in for O’Donnell) at 10 pm

On this one day, MSNBC mentioned Russia almost twice as many times in 6 hours of coverage than it mentioned Yemen in all of 2017.

Passing References

While MSNBC did not have a shred clinging privately to the fight in Yemen other than Ari Melber’s sole Jul broadcast, the country was irregularly mentioned in passing.

Chris Hayes quickly concurred Yemen a few times, nonetheless he did not persevere a shred to it. In the May 23 promote of All In, the horde did indicate out, “We have been defending and ancillary the Saudis as they pursue a substitute fight in Yemen against Shia rebels, the Houthis.” Aside from the fact that the ostensible Saudi/Iran substitute fight in Yemen to which Hayes apparently alludes is a dubious articulate indicate that has been fueled by the US supervision and comprehension agencies and obediently echoed by corporate media (FAIR.org, 7/25/17), Hayes still did not commend the US/Saudi bloc airstrikes that have killed thousands of civilians.

In a Jun 29 talk on All In, Palestinian-American romantic Linda Sarsour additionally spoke out on interest of “Yemeni refugees who are victims of a substitute fight that we’re funding.” Hayes added, “Who are starving to death, since we’re radically appropriation the Saudis to hold them under siege.” This was the singular moment in which MSBNC acknowledged the Saudi besiege of Yemen—but, again, no discuss was done of the US-backed Saudi airstrikes that have killed thousands of Yemenis.

On Jul 5, Chris Hayes spoke using extreme euphemisms, stating, “Since holding office, the boss has been convinced to take Saudi Arabia’s side in its brawl with Yemen.” Looking over the fact that “dispute” is an vast understatement for a brutal fight that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands, Hayes unsuccessful to indicate out that former boss Barack Obama, like Trump, staunchly upheld Saudi Arabia as it inebriated and besieged Yemen.

Rachel Maddow also again quickly mentioned the botched Jan US raid in Yemen in her broadcasts on Apr 7 and 24. So too did Hayes on Oct 16.

On MTP Daily on Dec 6, Chuck Todd likewise spoke of Yemen in passing, observing:

It is interesting, Tom, that the boss seems to have these Gulf State allies. He is giving them fundamentally grant blanche a little bit on what they’re doing in Yemen, is arrange of looking the other way.

But that is it. Aside from Ari Melber’s one-off Jul segment, in 2017 MSNBC had no other coverage of the US-backed fight that has combined the largest charitable disaster in the world.

What is distinguished is that MSNBC is clearly intensely vicious of Donald Trump, nonetheless it has upheld on one of the best opportunities to reject his policies. Instead of covering some of Trump’s worst, many aroused actions—his acts of fight that have left many thousands of civilians dead—MSNBC has abandoned Trump’s Yemeni victims.

Perhaps this is since it was a Democratic president—Barack Obama, a favorite of MSNBC—who first oversaw the fight in Yemen for scarcely two years before Trump entered office. But MSNBC‘s worried rival, Fox News, has shown again and again that it has no problem aggressive Democrats for doing what Republicans did before them.

Ben Norton is a contributor for AlterNet’s Grayzone Project. You can follow him on Twitter at @BenjaminNorton.


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