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‘Morning Joe’ ‘Live’ Episode Incident: Full Story & Must-See Details

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When scheming for a live show, radio networks have grown several ways to forestall anything inapt from incidentally airing, either it be a slight second check or personification prerecorded music. Still, suggesting a taped show and just observant it was filmed live competence be pulling it. The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, schooled this the tough way when a “live” part meant to air the day after Thanksgiving incidentally gave divided that it was filmed two days before.

‘Yeah, that was a good Thanksgiving’

We had an implausible day currently celebrating the 10th anniversary. Thank you to everybody who assimilated us and appreciate you for tuning in. And, oh yeah, currently is still Morning Joe Day in New York City! ????: @millerhawkins #mj10 #morningjoe

A post shared by morningjoe (@morningjoe) on Sep 19, 2017 at 3:40pm PDT

Brzezinski non-stop the show by saying, “The day after Thanksgiving, woo! I’m stuffed!” Scarborough chimed in with comments about old turkey and football, adding, “Yeah, that was a good Thanksgiving.” In reality, however, the part was filmed the day before Thanksgiving.


Viewers satisfied what had happened when an attack in Egypt, which claimed the lives of 305 people, occurred during the “live” show with conjunction of the hosts commenting on it. In addition, the network was wakeful of the attack, as a news ticker which played underneath the show via the promote finished anxiety to the attack, according to Daily Mail.

A show executive after reliable that the show had not been filmed live. In a matter with The Washington Post, it was confirmed, “There was no goal to pretence viewers,” adding that while there was no try to supplement a disclaimed assuring the broadcast, it is not something that is “typically done.”

Viewers responded to the incident, including the one who first beheld what happened

The one and only Sen. John McCain gave us a special 10th anniversary message. #mj10 #morningjoe

A post shared by morningjoe (@morningjoe) on Sep 19, 2017 at 3:56am PDT

Viewers took to social media to voice their distrurbance with the incident, with the one who reportedly noticed the occurrence in the first place saying, “I was utterly astounded by the way they were so false about this…especially when they are always so discerning to censure fibbing [or] dishonesty they charge to others,” in a statement.

Other comments from viewers included:

If you weren’t trying to mistreat their viewers because did they need to feign it was Friday and invocation had already passed?

This show is so stupid. Why feign what day you record your show?

Not cold Morning Joe. we trust you but now I’m jealous myself

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