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Missouri Has Become a Magnet for Older Men Who Want to Marry Teenage Girls—and Some Are Their Rapists

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A new report from the Kansas City Star shows that Missouri has turn a breakwater for men over the age of 21 who are marrying underage girls who are as immature as 15 years old.

According to the Star’s examination of state matrimony records, some-more than 1,000 15-year-olds got married in Missouri from 1999 to 2015 — and of those teen marriages, “more than 300 married men age 21 or older, with some in their 30s, 40s and 50s.”

Given that Missouri law states that it is illegal for anyone 21 or older to have sex with teenagers under the age of 17, there is a good possibility that the state has married hundreds of orthodox rapists to their underage victims over the past two decades.


Missouri has also turn a magnet for older men who wish to marry teenage girls, as the law in that state only requires girls to get legal permission to get married if they are under 15 — and it only requires one primogenitor to sign off on the girl’s matrimony for it to be deliberate valid.

Ashley Duncan, a 24-year-old proprietor of Steele, Missouri, tells the Star that she married her then-18-year-old boyfriend when he got her profound at age 15 since she was fearful that he would differently be sent to prison, even yet he likely wouldn’t have run afoul of the state’s laws on orthodox rape.

Duncan, who is technically still married to her former high school boyfriend despite having been distant from him for years, tells the Star that she hopes to see Missouri lift the age of matrimony up to 18. In particular, she says that many women who get married at 15 are not emotionally mature adequate to make such a major decision.

“I didn’t wish my child’s father to go to jail,” she tells the Star. “I really suspicion that he desired me. we consider we would have believed anyone who had pronounced they desired me at 15.”



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