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Minnesota Man May Get New Trial After Jurors Admit They Thought He Must Be Guilty Because He’s Black

Photo Credit: Screenshot / Fox 9

A Minneapolis man may get a new conference after two jurors came brazen and certified that injustice was a major reason since they chose to crook him.

Local news hire Fox 9 reports that two jurors are now observant that they were shabby by extremist arguments done by another juror during deliberations when they motionless to crook Michael Smith, who has been in jail for the past 5 years for illegally possession a firearm as a convicted felon.

Smith was accused by police of illegally possessing a firearm just months after he was expelled after portion a ten-year jail judgment for a third-degree murder charge. The police never constructed any petrify justification joining Smith to the firearm in question, so the conference came down to whose word jurors chose to believe.


The jury director pronounced this week that a major reason they chose to trust the police was since of injustice — and they pronounced that one juror told his peers that Smith must be guilty because “he is a black person with a prior rapist record vital in North Minneapolis… you know he’s just a banger from the hood.”

Smith has confirmed his ignorance the whole time and has insisted that his self-assurance was totally unfounded. According to Fox 9, the new revelations of injustice on the partial of jurors are “enough to get a new conference early next year and a probable new trial.”



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