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Mercedes-AMG’s C63 S Cabrio has it all: Power, sound, fuel use, and cost

The immeasurable chasm between “want” and “need” is a space dirty with high-cost products, be they high-performance automobiles or super-premium ice cream. While the sclerotic effects of 55 percent (or 11 grams) of the daily endorsed dose of jam-packed fat in one portion of Ben Jerry’s Chubby Hubby is a moderated health risk, so too can be the 503hp (375kW) in the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Cabrio after one 4.0-second blast to 60 mph. Also, deliberation that the very first C-Class AMG indication ever offering in the US marketplace 22 years ago belted out a whopping 276hp (206kW) from its 3.6-liter inline-6, energy is a relations thing.

That 4.0-liter engine pumps two turbos’ worth of vigour into eight cylinders to net its annoyance of riches. (Non-S C63 models get by with a tiny 469hp, or 350 kW.) Those turbos are nestled in the hollow of the engine’s V, as on BMW’s stream crop of turbocharged V8s and Audi’s V-type engines. This shortens the plumbing, reduces the probability of lag, and also helps get the turbos hotter (which helps furnish boost quicker).

But it’s not just the engine that dominates pushing impressions of the C63. You hear the guttural V8, of course, but there’s also a slight shake of the windshield header interjection to its very unbending cessation over rough roads. The automobile is but 187 inches long—a Toyota Camry is longer—but it feels bigger, and considerably so compared to other models in the stream C-Class range. When roving around with the top down, you still feel ensconced in the automobile interjection to its high waistline.


I didn’t utterly hear that, would you mind revving it again?

Back to that powertrain: unconstrained party comes from the discretionary opening dull complement ($1,250), which opens bypass valves and unleashes about 3-6 dB additional bellow and burst depending on engine speed and stifle position.

Despite the 4,226-pound (1,917 kg) quell weight, the C63 S Cabrio is agile, even if it’s not accurately light. The very unbending springs rates are rather mitigated by tractable dampers, but there’s no denying the hold from the Michelin Pilot Sport tires. In apart testing, a new C300 sedan wowed me with about the best electric steering feel of any tiny oppulance automobile on the market. The C63 S is on this same glorious level.

The C63′s AMG Dynamic Select complement is the car’s mood selector. It yields enormous upshifts and rev-matched downshifts when not in “Comfort” mode, regardless of either you’re vouchsafing the seven-speed delivery do things by itself or instructing shifts from the customary wheel-mounted paddles. About two-thirds of the time, the delivery is superb and the V8 absolute with measureless torque and no stifle lag.

The four-stage fortitude control (“Comfort,” “Sport,” “Sport +,” and “Race”; singular to the S model) works with an electronically tranquil limited-slip differential with brake-induced torque vectoring, which you can feel operative to discharge all that energy and torque when you’re cornering. “Sport +” also allows some oversteer but keeps the bigger fortitude reserve net in place, where “Race” places all the talent on your shoulders.

If only it gathering delayed as good as it drives fast

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