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Men Sentenced to some-more than 100 Years in Prison for Masterminding String of Violent Home Invasions

ROCHESTER, N.Y.-Acting U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. announced currently that Matthew Nix, 37, of Rochester, NY, and Earl McCoy, 36, of Brooklyn, NY, who carried out a series of aroused home invasions in the Rochester, NY area, were condemned to 155 years and 135 years in jail respectively by U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford. The defendants were convicted following a sovereign jury hearing of swindling to dedicate Hobbs Act robbery; attempted Hobbs Act robbery; Hobbs Act robbery; carrying and brandishing firearms during crime of violence; narcotics conspiracy; carrying firearms during drug trafficking crime; and possessing firearms as convicted felon.



Assistant U.S. Attorneys Robert A. Marangola and Everardo A. Rodriguez, who rubbed the charge of the case, settled that the defendants were the leaders of a organisation of criminals who intent in armed home invasions of people they believed were drug dealers, as good as a valuables wholesaler in the Town of Greece. The organisation enclosed Jecovious Barnes, Jessica Moscicki as good as McCoy’s younger brothers Clarence Lambert and Gary Lambert. All 4 have been convicted. Nix and McCoy identified and obtained information about victims and locations, brought accomplices to the locations, granted firearms to accomplices, and distributed skill stolen from home invasions. McCoy and other accomplices entered the locations brandishing firearms. They calm the victims at gunpoint, and in some instances, firm them with plastic zip-ties and pistol-whipped them, demanding drugs and money. The defendants ransacked the residences, flipping over beds, yanking out drawers looking for vast quantities of drugs and cash. They stole drugs, cash, cave phones, and even guns from locations. Nix, McCoy and their co-defendants also perpetrated the home advance at the home of a valuables wholesaler, hidden $200,000 in oppulance watches, diamonds and cash. Specifically:


  • On Sep 15, 2014, at a chateau in Rochester, Clarence Lambert, Earl McCoy and Matthew Nix stole skill from two victims against their will. Lambert and McCoy pennyless open a sealed screen doorway to the residence, brandished firearms, and demanded income and drugs from the victims, who they incorrectly believed were drug dealers. The victims were zip-tied at gunpoint, and one was pistol-whipped while the defendants searched the residence. After anticipating no income or drugs, Lambert and McCoy stole a cave phone and fled the chateau and the victims called the police.


  • On Sep 18, 2014, Nix and McCoy brought Clarence Lambert and Jecovious Barnes to another chateau in Rochester of what they believed to be a drug dealer. Nix and McCoy approaching to find a accumulate of illegal pills and cash inside the residence. Lambert and Barnes stormed inside the plcae brandishing handguns and calm the two victims at gunpoint, demanded income and drugs, and searched the residence. After anticipating no accumulate of income or drugs, Lambert and Barnes stole two cave phones and then left with Nix and McCoy, who were watchful outside.


  • On the morning of Sep 23, 2014, Nix and McCoy gathering Clarence Lambert, Jecovious Barnes, and Jessica Moscicki another Rochester chateau to mangle in and steal marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and cash. Lambert and Barnes, carrying a firearm, pennyless into the unoccupied chateau and stole cash, marijuana, firearms and other equipment from inside.


  • On Oct 7, 2014, Nix and McCoy and their accomplices went to the home of a jeweler in the Town of Greece. The jeweler’s business concerned shopping and selling and oppulance watches, all of which were finished outward the United States. While Nix and McCoy waited nearby, their accomplices stormed the residence, carrying and brandishing at slightest one firearm and other weapons. They threatened to kill the jeweler and his wife and demanded income and entrance to the safe. The victims were pistol-whipped and sustained critical injuries. The men stole oppulance watches, diamonds, valuables and cash worth over $200,000 in total, including countless men’s and ladies’ Rolex watches.  After journey the residence, the accomplices met Nix and McCoy and gave them the stolen property. Nix and McCoy paid their accomplices in cash and stolen watches.


“There is a authorised adage which states that, ‘A man’s home is his castle,’” remarkable Acting U.S. Attorney Kennedy. “With today’s sentencings comes a inference to that maxim, ‘If you violate the sanctification of the castle, then you will spend a prolonged time in, if not the dungeon, sovereign prison.’ Thanks to the extensive mild work finished by the federal, state, and internal partners, the adults of Rochester and Monroe County, will hopefully rest a little easier meaningful that these people won’t be around to mangle into their homes anytime soon.”

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