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‘Melania Was in Tears—and Not of Joy’: New Book Reveals Family’s Shock at Trump’s Election Win

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Melania Trump detonate into tears on training her husband had won his long-shot presidential campaign, according to a bombshell new book.

Michael Wolff spoke to countless sources concerned in President Donald Trump’s campaign and found that the reliable lapses and probable rapist violations were shrugged off at every spin since nothing of them approaching to win, according to excerpts published in New York magazine.

“Shortly after 8 p.m. on Election Night, when the unexpected trend — Trump competence actually win — seemed confirmed, Don Jr. told a crony that his father, or DJT, as he calls him, looked as if he had seen a ghost,” Wolff reported. “Melania was in tears — and not of joy.”


In the book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Wolff reports that Trump hoped to parlay his approaching election detriment into even larger celebrity and domestic gravitas, while his children would turn “international celebrities.”

That all changed when just a few thousand votes in pivotal pitch states slanted the Nov. 8, 2016, election to him.

“There was, in the space of little some-more than an hour, in Steve Bannon’s not unamused observation, a confused Trump morphing into a disbelieving Trump and then into a frightened Trump,” Wolff wrote. “But still to come was the final transformation: Suddenly, Donald Trump became a man who believed that he deserved to be, and was unconditionally able of being, the boss of the United States.”


Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 

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