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Melania Trump Is Not Enjoying Life as the First Lady: Report

First Lady Melania Trump has only haltingly warmed to her role in President Donald Trump’s administration and still seems “very much alone in her position’ with a bare-bones staff and little in the way of an agenda, said Vanity Fair on Sunday.

“This isn’t something she wanted and it isn’t something he ever suspicion he’d win,” pronounced a longtime crony of Mrs. Trump to Vanity Fair‘s Sarah Ellison. “She didn’t wish this come ruin or high water. we don’t consider she suspicion it was going to happen.”

Ellison said, “There may never have been a First Lady reduction prepared for or matched to the role.”

The White House’s East Wing — which traditionally houses the first lady and her staff — is “sparsely inhabited” under Mrs. Trump. She has a staff of nine, half the series employed by First Ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.


In annoy of nearing — almost against her will — in such a open position, pronounced Ellison, “much of Melania Trump’s life has remained in the shadows. She is the keeper of many of her husband’s secrets, and one can suppose that what binds the two of them together is that he may very good be the keeper of some of hers.”

The first lady’s friends are “divided when it comes to how she feels about her husband,” Ellison reported. “One told me that it is ‘old news’ that she and her husband live radically apart lives.”

After Mrs. Trump batted the president’s palm awaywhen he tried to hold hands with her, rumors of a loveless matrimony flew and some speculated that the couple could be coming a divorce.

“She can’t mount him,” said Joy Behar of “The View” after examination video of the now-infamous hand-slap.

Some have even speculated that the former indication so loathes her husband that she employs a body double to spasmodic accompany him to open events.

By all accounts, Melania Trump dotes on her son Barron and is doing all in her energy to create a fast sourroundings for him in Washington. However, given her mostly icy appearance and sparse open remarks, the first lady is charity little to fight the determined rumors that she is “miserable” being married to Donald Trump.

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