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Meat-Eaters Have Significantly Higher Blood Pressure Than Vegetarians, Vegans

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Nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure, according to new standards from the American College of Cardiology and other associations. Why? Not since of a scarcity of some remedy drug. The problem, for many people, is food, generally a diet formed on fry beef, duck wings and other informed animal-based staples. Many of us adore meat. But beef doesn’t adore us back.  

A clever systematic examination conducted by my investigate group and published by JAMA Internal Medicine found that, formed on 32 observational studies, meat-eaters have significantly aloft blood vigour than people who equivocate meat—7 points systolic, 5 points diastolic, to be exact.

For starters, beef is calorie-dense, so meat-eaters are heavier. But there is some-more to it. Meat’s fat creates blood “thicker”—more viscous—so it takes some-more force from the heart to pull it by the arteries. Ergo, blood vigour rises. Salt and sedentary lifestyle supplement to the problem.


We already had copiousness of reasons to mangle the adore event with meat. Its grant to heart disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer has been famous for decades, and its role in meridian change—in partial from the scarcely 100 million methane-belching cows in the U.S.—is now well-known, too.

USDA total show that the normal American has cut beef consumption—from a high of 201.5 pounds per person per year in 2004 to 181 pounds a decade later. But we need to go much further. And unfortunately, we are making up for it with cheese, which is fattier than beef and aloft in sodium than potato chips, and whose traffic opposite the checkout opposite shows no signs of slowing.

It’s one thing for adults to select a diet that is heavily meat-based. But it’s another when the children follow the lead, benefit weight and put themselves at risk.

Need some-more motivation? Treating hypertension costs us some-more than $40 billion a year; about half of that is the cost of remedy charges. That’s adequate to lift anyone’s blood pressure.

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