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Marco Rubio Was Repeatedly Humiliated at CNN’s Gun Control Town Hall

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On Wednesday night, CNN hosted a city gymnasium featuring survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, their relatives — and even an NRA mouthpiece — to speak about the probability of genuine solutions to gun violence. Unfortunately, they also invited Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who tried to offer as few solutions as possible.

That didn’t go unnoticed.

Hours after the debate, Rubio retweeted a criticism from National Review columnist David French that denounced the throng response as “cheers for the reversal of a polite autocracy that’s essential to the inherent republic,” arguing that their position was “well outward the mainstream.”




In fact, 50 percent of Americans support a anathema on attack weapons, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Even media outlets that don’t routinely cover politics took note of Rubio’s inability to master the situation. When Cameron Kasky, one of the students who survived the Parkland shooting, confronted Rubio about usurpation donations from the NRA, Entertainment Weekly noted that “Kasky’s doubt drew cheers and applause, but Rubio didn’t answer directly.”

One indicate for which Rubio did accept some credit, however, was the small fact that he was there. Both Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a associate Republican and gun control opponent, declined CNN’s invitation to seem at the city gymnasium event.

“Rubio showed up for the CNN city gymnasium meaningful there would be a exhilarated discuss on guns and he’d likely get booed often,” CNN concurred after the debate. “He answered questions destined to him and shielded his stances on the gun debate, and many of the event’s participants, even those who seemed undone with his answers, thanked him for being there.”

One tyro at the Parkland high school done a identical point.

“A lot some-more than can be pronounced for the supposed boss and governor. We need you and your colleagues on both sides to come together with us and find a concede if we are ever to solve this epidemic,” Chris Grady, one of the Parkland sharpened survivors, told Rubio, according to The New York Times.



Matthew Rozsa is a breaking news author for Salon. He binds an MA in History from Rutgers University-Newark and his work has seemed in Mic, Quartz and MSNBC.

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