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Man Who Talked About Students Being Put in Body Bags Gets 15 Days In Jail

Lexington, SC – Chief Terrence Green would like to forewarn the open that Christopher Glen Raines (AKA “AJ Blues”), age 43, of Lexington, South Carolina pled guilty to the charge of Unlawful Communication at the Town of Lexington Municipal Court and was condemned to fifteen days at the Lexington County Detention Center.

The charge for Unlawful Communication stemmed from a series of melancholy posts on Christopher Raines’s Facebook and Twitter pages along with countless videos posted on his YouTube page between Aug 17, 2017 and Sep 17, 2017. During these postings Christopher Raines done created and created threats of assault against students who attend River Bluff High School which is located on Corley Mill Road in Lexington, South Carolina.


During videos which were posted to YouTube, Christopher Raines videotaped himself in his yard with a crawl and arrow using bomb arrowheads which are designed to use .357 or .38 Special ammunition. During these videos, Christopher Raines done anxiety to students being put into physique bags.

Christopher Glen Raines – Lexington County Detention Center

Christopher Raines threats against students of River Bluff High School continued on Sep 17, 2017, when he settled “This week’s prediction: RBHS students killed this week while committing crimes on private property.” on both his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Christopher Raines was arrested on Sep 18, 2017 and after expelled from the Lexington County Detention Center.

Christopher Raines had requested a jury hearing with the Town of Lexington Municipal Court but then asked on Tuesday, Jan 30, 2018 to instead beg guilty with a care for a obtuse sentence. Judge Brian Jeffcoat supposed his defence of shame and he was condemned to fifteen days instead of thirty days for the charge. He was ecstatic to the Lexington County Detention Center to start his sentence.

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