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Man Wearing “F_ck Trump” T-Shirt Gets Booted From Restaurant, Has Excellent Response

It’s been pronounced by many of us that Donald Trump’s derogative and coarse tongue has foul the normal standards of presidential decorum. With that in mind, you’ll adore this story…

This past weekend, a man wearing an anti-Trump T-Shirt filled with impertinence got the heave-ho from a Richardson, Texas First Watch grill after other business complained to management.

The man, Andy Ternay, posted about his knowledge on his personal Facebook page, along with a picture of him wearing the shirt. The front of the shirt reads, “FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM” and on the back, “FUCK THE RACIST ALT-RIGHT.”

As Ternay decribes on his Facebook post, which has given been removed, but not before it amassed good over 100,000 likes…

First, we were approached by a manager who let us know that business were very unsettled by my shirt and that children competence see it. we voiced low sympathies and let her know that explaining ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant.



Ternay settled in his post that the organisation of business who intended the censure against him did not complain to their server, who was not white, but rather to a white member of the government team. After the manager approached him a second time, Ternay and his partner quietly got up to leave.

“We ask to tip the server for occupying her table, get drinks to go and leave. One list of white people applauds,” Ternay describes.

But the story doesn’t finish there. Ternay was approached in the parking lot by a black server at the grill and told him that he had just quit on the mark over the incident.

As Ternay explains in his Facebook post:

He told us: ‘you should hear these people asking not to be seated nearby Muslims.’

And finally, the cops show up, since we all know that a man wearing a “F-ck Trump” shirt must be a risk to society.

Terney writes:

I stop the automobile and ask the officer if she is there over a t-shirt. She affirms this to be loyal and asks my name which we respectfully decrease to give; she starts in on the shirt—whereupon we cite Cohen v. California, 1971, in which the Supreme Court inspected the right to wear a t-shirt saying: ‘FUCK THE DRAFT.’ She’s like: ‘Just leave, okay?’

The Daily Beast called the grill to determine the story. The staff member who answered the phone reliable that it indeed happened. Later, the corporate bureau of First Watch sent out a matter claiming that there was no domestic proclivity behind the complaints about the shirt, but rather it was all about safeguarding the children from those dangerous F-bombs.

Just as immature children can't go to R-rated cinema that underline denunciation like that, we do not trust they should be unprotected to it in a family grill and we positively know the customers’ worry and motionless to plead the right to exclude service to that individual

As for the T-shirt, we found one very matching to Terney’s here, just in case you wish one for yourself. And if you’re wondering what kind of greeting you’ll get from the shirt, let Terney fill you in…

Everywhere we go with this shirt, white males snarl and people of tone grin and give me thumbs up. we consider it is very inestimable to let people of tone know they are not alone – that some whites also see the immorality of injustice is resurgent – and we will fight with the brothers and sisters of tone against it.

We know if some of you consider the shirt was a bit over the top, but you do have to acknowledge that Terney has the ideal response to the complaints about it. And for the record, Terney is not insane at the grill and plans on going back there to eat again soon. No word on either he plans on wearing the shirt again.




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