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Magic Mushrooms Fight Authoritarianism

Psilocybin, or sorcery mushrooms.
Photo Credit: Greenoid/Flickr

Psychedelic drugs have been compared with anti-authoritarian counter-cultures given the 1960s, but a new study suggests using psilocybin, the unusual devalue in sorcery mushrooms, actually creates people rebate likely to welcome peremptory views, PsyPost reports. The study conducted by the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London was published in the biography Psychopharmacology

While other studies have related the use of psychedelics to a greater clarity of totality with nature, honesty to new practice and domestic and social liberalism, this is the first to yield initial justification their use can heading to durability changes in these attitudes.

In the study, researchers gave two verbal doses of psilocybin to 7 participants pang from treatment-resistant major basin while a control organisation of 7 healthy subjects did not accept psilocybin. Researchers surveyed participants about their domestic views and attribute to inlet before the sessions, one week after the sessions, and 7-12 months later.


Subjects who perceived the psilocybin diagnosis showed a poignant diminution in peremptory attitudes after treatment, and that rebate was sustained over time. They also reported a poignant boost in a clarity of relatedness to nature.

“Before we enjoyed nature, now we feel partial of it. Before we was looking at it as a thing, like TV or a painting… But now we see there’s no subdivision or distinction—you are it,” one member told researchers.

Subjects who had not perceived psilocybin did not vaunt poignant changes in attitudes.

“Our commentary tentatively lift the probability that given in this way, psilocybin may furnish sustained changes in opinion and domestic perspective, here in the instruction of increasing inlet relatedness and decreased authoritarianism,” wrote study authors Taylor Lyons and Robin L. Carhart-Harris.

That is a poignant allege in the investigate on the links between psychedelics and anti-authoritarianism. That’s given this is the first study to advise that unusual use promoted such attitudes and not the other way around.

But while this study’s pattern allows the sketch of some inferences about means and effect, its tiny representation distance boundary the strength of its findings. As Lyon and Carhart-Harris remarkable in their study, “It would be hasty, therefore, to try any clever claims about a causal change due privately to psilocybin at this stage.”

Still, one can’t help but consternation what competence occur if, say, Jeff Sessions or Donald Trump were to go tripping on ‘shrooms. The universe could be a better place. 

Phillip Smith is editor of the AlterNet Drug Reporter and author of the Drug War Chronicle.

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