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Maddow Derides Trump White House for Growing List of Employees ‘Flunking Out, Resigning and Getting Fired’

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MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow” show on Tuesday examined a year of chaos for the administration of President Donald Trump given Mike Flynn quiescent for fibbing about assembly Russians to plead America’s sanctions.

“It was one year ago — currently — that the Trump White House personnel-carousel first fell off its pivot and started incidentally flinging people off via the night,” Maddow reminded.

“A year ago today, White House National Security Advisor Mike Flynn became the shortest-lived ever National Security Advisor when — after 24 days on the job, he resigned,” Maddow noted.


She recounted the causes of Flynn’s depart and the opposite defenses of Flynn that came from President Donald Trump and then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

“It has given been a conspicuous series of revelations about contacts with the Russian government, but it’s also been an implausible time in terms of Trump administration people flunking out, people resigning or getting fired or differently having to leave high-ranking supervision service,” Maddow observed.

“We have been struggling mightily to find the right rise to try to keep this thing updated in terms of comparison administration officials who have quit, been fired or differently left,” Maddow explained. “Just in the past 5 days, we had to fist in a third White House emissary arch of staff, a White House speechwriter, a White House staff secretary, the emissary conduct of the Federal Rail Administration and the Associate Attorney General, the series 3 person at the Justice Department, all of whom announced their own departures within the last 4 or 5 days.”

“But of everybody Mike Flynn was first,” Maddow reminded.

“Look at everybody who has come given then,” Maddow observed, while branch to marvel at the list of names.

“And now today, this totally rare rate of turnover in the White House and in the comparison ranks of this administration, it continues to be in focus, given all of Washington right now is on the corner of their chair with expectancy that President Trump is about to remove nonetheless another arch of staff,” Maddow explained.

“John Kelly is holding the censure for the White House doing of Rob Porter, the staff secretary pushed out last week, after portion some-more than a year in that high-ranking pursuit but a permanent confidence clearance, given of critical domestic assault allegations against him, allegations that were communicated to the FBI by Porter’s ex-wives and the concerns were regularly conveyed to the White House.”


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