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Lorraine Badoy’s Letter To Hater Cynthia Patag

Badoy, left, and Patag

Dear Missed Patag:

You have accused me of being infamous and you and your minions have asked that we be fired from my Asec position at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD.)

I honour your leisure of speech, just as much as President Duterte does, so we hold no ill feelings towards you.

I must appreciate you since by your Twitter attacks against my person, the President has listened you shrill and clear.880B8816-37EE-45B0-8F87-5ECEDA759BEB

I am no longer Asec at DSWD. The President has just promoted me as Undersecretary (Usec) for the Presidential Communications Operations Office ( PCOO.)


You see, a infamous person would never send a appreciate you note to his or her haters.

I demeanour brazen to my confront with your Twitter page now that we am with the PC00.

With much love,


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