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Lenovo’s new Google Assistant smart display can play YouTube videos

Google has its own family of smart speakers with its Assistant built in, but the first Assistant device with a display is apparently coming from Lenovo. At CES, Lenovo announced the Lenovo Smart Display, a slab-like jigger dominated by a touchscreen that houses the Google Assistant. Much like Amazon’s Echo Show with built-in Alexa, the Smart Display uses Google’s digital partner to yield weather, traffic, and news updates, bond to smart home devices, and perform screen-dependent tasks like video chats and YouTube streaming.

Lenovo done 8-inch and a 10-inch indication of the Smart Display, with the categorical differences between them being screen fortitude and color. The smaller device has an 8-inch, HD touchscreen while the incomparable device has a 10-inch, FHD touchscreen. The 8-inch Smart Display comes in a light-gray tone scheme, while the 10-inch indication is mostly white with a bamboo-colored back panel.

The 8-inch indication has a somewhat smaller orator than its 10-inch kin (1.75-inch contra 2-inch), but both are 10W and have a twin pacifist radiator. On looks alone, the incomparable Smart Display fits the best into Google’s in-house line of smart speakers. But both inclination have a sleeker conformation than Amazon Echo Show, which may interest to some customers.

The Smart Display is the first Google Assistant chronicle of Amazon’s Echo Show, permitting users entrance to all the digital assistant’s facilities and new ones interjection to the further of a touchscreen. In Google’s case, that means video chatting using the company’s Duo discuss app, traffic updates with Google Maps images, photo backgrounds using personal images stored in Google Photos, and the many quarrelsome underline of them all: streaming YouTube videos. Also like the Echo Show, the Smart Display has just a few buttons: a mic-disable button, volume adjusters, and a camera shiver (for the 5MP webcam).


Amazon and Google have been feuding over YouTube for months now. Google revoked YouTube entrance for Amazon’s Echo Show last year, and the following issues between the two companies led to Google stealing YouTube from Amazon’s Fire TV inclination as well. While Amazon found some work-arounds for users to entrance YouTube (mostly by initial browsers), those who use Amazon streaming inclination haven’t been means to strictly entrance YouTube for months.

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