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Kortni Gilson: Hottest Photos Of The ‘Floribama Shore’ Cast Member

Kortni Gilson is one of the eight contestants for MTV’s new reality series Floribama Shore. She’s a hometown girl of Panama City Beach, the plcae of Floribama Shore.  “I’m in my element, this is my town,” pronounced Gilson in the trailer for the new MTV reality show.

MTV’s Floribama Shore will be the first time their fans tasted the seaside given the 2012 termination of the barbarous reality series The Jersey Shore. But Gilson doesn’t consider that fans should be comparing the original Jersey Shore to the new series in Panama City Beach.

“I don’t indispensably feel like any of us, are any of [the strange Jersey Shore cast],” Kortni pronounced in an talk with TooFab.com. “I feel like we are all the own particular person. The only thing similar, we would say, is putting eight people in a residence and giving them some ethanol and examination them and seeing what they’ll do.”

Who is Kortni Gilson?

we adore my bitches and we adore my pursuit ????????

A post shared by Kortni Gilson (@_k0nigi) on Mar 5, 2017 at 1:04am PST


Kortni Gilson is a 21-year-old proprietor of Panama Beach City, Florida. She’s also a former Coyote Ugly barkeeper who has a genuine furious side. But Gilson also has a big soothing mark for her family, as she’s kept in almost consistent hit with her mom while on the set of Floribama Shore.

“I desired filming in Panama City Beach since if we indispensable my mom to bring me something, I’m like, ‘Girl, we need you here right now,’” pronounced Gilson. “There were substantially about 30 calls to her, at least, like, 5 a day.”

But back to Gilson’s furious side. According to her MTV profile, “people don’t call her Krazy Kortni for nothing.” What a cooky nickname! Her bio warns that her castmembers will find out accurately because she got that nickname.

“Kortni is a Panama City Beach internal who can’t wait to show her new roommates how to party in HER town. But the roommates are about to learn that people don’t call her Krazy Kortni for nothing. She’s never lived divided from home, never had to take caring of herself, and never had a pursuit she didn’t get fired from. Kortni is going to bring the party for sure…if she creates it past night one.”

Get prepared to see Kortni and all the other furious expel members of MTV’s Floribama Shore tonight at 10 P.M. EST.

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