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Keith Ellison: Desperate Bids for New Amazon HQ Prove Something ‘Deeply Wrong’ With America

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Critics of Amazon’s “race to the bottom” as it searches for a home for its second domicile pronounced on Thursday that the company’s newly expelled shortlist of 20 cities highlights a predicament in the U.S. economy—one exemplified by the outrageous incentives offering to Amazon in the behest fight among intensity hosts.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) was among those slamming Amazon and the state and internal governments peaceful to give billions of dollars in taxation breaks to the intensely rich multinational company.

In further to the incentives mentioned by Ellison, Boston offering $75 million to yield affordable housing to Amazon employees, while Maryland’s offer exceeded $5 billion.

Some remarkable that Amazon’s top 20 contenders—also including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Raleigh, N.C.—are sincerely moneyed cities, with the company leaving out areas that could advantage from an liquid of jobs and mercantile activity.

After Amazon announced its hunt in September, earnest to bring 50,000 jobs to the city it chose for its $5 billion headquarters, groups including Jobs With Justice and the Working Families Party expelled their own set of demands for the company.

As Common Dreams reported, the groups asked the company to “reserve a estimable series of construction jobs for internal residents, generally underrepresented people of tone and women,” strengthen the right to form unions, compensate vital wages, and—in light of reports of vulnerable conditions at Amazon warehouses—”allow independent, third party organizations to control health and reserve trainings.”

But as Lina Khan of the Open Markets Institute remarkable last month on Ellison’s podcast, We the Podcast, Amazon’s duration arise has been due mostly to astray business practices—leaving critics doubtful of the thought that Amazon’s attainment in one of the 20 finalist cities will actually advantage those who call it home.

“In many instances, Amazon has gotten where it is since it has undertaken business practices and forms of control that formerly used to be illegal,” Khan said.


Julia Conley is a staff author for Common Dreams.

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