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Keep playing, keep paying: Ubisoft seeks games with “longterm engagement”

For a prolonged time, Ubisoft was famous for cranking out annual or near-annual releases in renouned franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, Far Cry, the Tom Clancy games, and more. Now, though, the company is signaling it is in the center of a major change in direction, focusing on fewer big-game releases that draw long-term support from both developers and players.

“New releases now only represent a partial of the business, which is now focused on longterm rendezvous with the player communities,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot writes in a sprawling 256-page annual report expelled this week. “Our players not only play for some-more hours at a time, but do so over a duration of months or even years. We are so means to offer them new practice and content, thereby fluctuating the lifetime of the games.”

Guillemot points to Rainbow Six: Siege as the primary instance of this new focus; the diversion saw its player bottom double between Feb 2016 and Feb 2017. But continued developer excellence and player rendezvous with online-focused titles like The Division, For Honor, and Steep also simulate the company’s concentration on “live” games, Guillemot says.

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