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Kaspersky reportedly mutated its AV to help Russia steal NSA secrets

The fast elaborating story about Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab’s impasse in assisting Russian supervision hackers steal supportive National Security Agency materials has taken nonetheless another turn, as The Wall Street Journal reports that the assistance could have come only with the company’s knowledge.

Wednesday’s report, citing unnamed stream and former US officials, pronounced the help came in the form of modifications done to the Kaspersky antivirus program that’s used by some-more than 400 million people around the world. Normally, the programs indicate mechanism files for malware. “But in an composition to its normal operations that the officials contend could only have been done with the company’s knowledge, the program searched for terms as extended as ‘top secret,’ which may be created on personal supervision documents, as good as the personal code names of US supervision programs, these people said.”

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