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John Kelly Convinced Trump to Kill Bipartisan DACA Deal: Report

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According to a moment-by-moment report of the quarrelsome White House assembly over immigration reform, the Washington Post is stating that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly had President Donald Trump’s ear and assured him to skip a bipartisan understanding on DACA.

While Trump’s comments about Haiti and African nations being “sh*tholes” got all the media courtesy — with the Post now stating Kelly didn’t even blink when Trump pronounced it — little has been reported on because Trump killed the understanding which has murderous Republicans and Democrats alike.

The report states that Kelly was briefed on the due bipartisan understanding before the assembly and spoke with boss before he sat down with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC).


According to the Post, Kelly “talked to Trump to tell him that the offer would substantially not be good for his agenda,” adding that Kelly has supposing Trump with major submit on immigration following his brief army as  secretary of Homeland Security. The report also states one central claims Kelly has  “very clever feelings,” when it comes to immigration.

According to the report, “White House officials contend Kelly is dynamic to secure a deal on dreamers and limit confidence and has told Trump that the southwestern limit is worse than it was a few years ago — and that he can be the boss to change the standing quo.”

Anti-immigrant romantic Mark Krikorian, who runs the Center for Immigration Studies, is happy the understanding was scuttled, saying, “Once we saw what was going on in the assembly a few days earlier, we were freaked out,” before adding Trump “has hawkish instincts on immigration, but they aren’t well-developed, and he hasn’t ever been by these kind of legislative fights.”

You can review the whole insider report on the assembly here.

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