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Joe Scarborough Loses It Over GOP’s Decision to Release ‘Reckless’ Memo

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In a sardonic opener, “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough was cruel in his critique of the Republican Party, which Scarborough once represented in Congress.

“You had [Rep. Devin] Nunes’ (R-CA) memo, which twists the law and plays these wanton domestic games with rarely secret intelligence,” Scarborough said. “Mika, many of the Republicans who voted to release this controversial memo, that the Justice Department pronounced would be unusually reckless, had never even review the memo. And many who did review Nunes’ memo contend it secretly summarized a reality and filled with all of these falsehoods and these, these dubious conclusions, all in an try to offence law coercion officers, that Donald Trump — we don’t know how we should contend this, he’s targeted them for a domestic purge.”

Scarborough remarkable that Trump can’t seem to get out of his own way, and that currently should be about his first State of the Union Address. Instead it’s turn about the Nunes’ memo.


“So, this is a asocial diversion that Reps. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Devin Nunes that anybody that empowers Devin Nunes is playing,” he continued. “They pull to recover a memo that is disfigured by what’s in it, and what’s disfigured by what is not in it. And they know that will misinform the open but they also know this, Mika — they know that the contribution that would actually concede Americans to know the whole law about what happened, are so rarely classified, that theory what, the open will never get to see those details.”

Political analyists have remarkable that the GOP accused Hillary Clinton of mishandling personal information, nonetheless the GOP is doing accurately that in releasing this document. If the information is inaccurate, it could also propel the eagerness of comprehension leaders who know the contribution to recover such information publicly.

“So, Ryan and Nunes wish to recover a half-truth that turns out to be a whole lie,” Scarborough said. “A disfigured and disfigured lie. Since Ryan thinks the open will never learn the full facts, he and Nunes can movement by on their lie. They can allegation the men and women of the FBI. They can allegation the professionals at the Justice Department, who pronounced this would be really forward to put out there. They can allegation renowned FISA judges and they can allegation the whole comprehension village by extension. All to take partial in a cheap domestic inform that we’ve been seeing maturation before the eyes, to feed the paranoid and unsound desires of Donald Trump.”

He went on to call the GOP, including Ryan and Nunes, “reckless,” and remarkable that it is all in service to help Trump dedicate deterrent of justice. The row went on to call out the pomposity of Republicans for proclaiming “blue lives matter” while concurrently “cherry-picking personal intelligence” to bring down the conduct law coercion institutions of the government.

Scarborough remarkable that it’s extraordinary given the way the GOP responded to 9/11 with the Patriot Act and heated notice that increasing authorities.

Watch the hard-hitting explanation below:

Sarah K. Burris writes about politics and record for Raw Story. 

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