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Jerry Seinfeld Doesn’t Say “No” When Asked About A ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion


There are two forms of people in life: alphas and betas, wolves and sheep, Seinfeld people and Friends people. This may be a little descent to some of you millennial snowflakes (which we allegedly am too, so don’t feel bad) out there, but if you’re a Friends guy and not a Seinfeld guy, you have a smaller brain. It’s radically systematic fact.

As you can substantially tell by now, I’m utterly the Seinfeld fan. One of my favorite memories as a child is snuggling up next to my Dad on the cot to watch Seinfeld reruns on TBS and shouting my donkey off, and not really since we accepted the jokes, but since my Dad did.

Obviously, the older we got, the some-more of the show we accepted and the some-more we came to comprehend how truly shining it was. So with that in mind, we can’t help but consider a Seinfeld reboot would be a terrible idea, and we think Seinfeld himself knows it.


The only issue — given the consistent waves of reboots, remakes, and revivals — is that NBC would likely make Jerry and the squad (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richard, and Jason Alexander) an offer they couldn’t refuse. we have no thought what kind of payday we’re articulate here, but you’d have to suppose it’d be in the tens of millions, generally deliberation how successful a Seinfeld reunion would be.

While Jerry and Larry David no doubt still have the wits to write a waggish reunion, one can’t help but consternation if that code of amusement would translate to 2018’s audience.

Only time will tell.

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