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Jeff Sessions Praises ‘Anglo-American Heritage’ of Sheriffs During Speech

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions strayed from his prepared remarks to criticism on the “Anglo-American” chronological origins of the sheriff.

Sessions spoke Monday to the National Sheriffs Association, which represents about 20,000 law coercion officials opposite the U.S. But video recordings show an apparent invention from the prepared remarks distributed forward of time to reporters, according to Splinter News.

“The bureau of policeman is a vicious partial of the Anglo-American birthright of law enforcement,” Sessions said. “We must never erode this ancestral office.”


The remarks fast lifted eyebrows on social media, where commenters viewed the anxiety as extremist in light of the profession general’s racially cryptic history.

The policeman indeed originated in Gothic England, and the name derives from Anglo-Saxon difference for the guardian, or reeve, of a county or shire.

English colonists brought the tradition to America and inaugurated their own sheriffs in the 1600s, and various right-wing border movements promote the authorised misconception that county sheriffs are the top law coercion officers in the United States.

Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 

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