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Jared Kushner Is Reportedly Worried That Bob Mueller Will ‘Get’ Trump

Jared Kushner

This Thanksgiving, we can be grateful for the fact that Trump’s son-in-law and comparison confidant is reportedly worried that the Mueller review will “get” Donald Trump. In an exposé for Vanity Fair, Gabriel Sherman shared the news.

“Despite Kushner’s efforts to plan certainty about Robert Mueller’s probe, he voiced worry after the indictments of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates about how distant the review could go. “Do you consider they’ll get the president?” Kushner asked a friend, according to a person briefed on the conversation,” wrote Gabriel Sherman.

The essay also claims that a high-level Republican pronounced that Jared’s wings have been clipped by Chief of Staff John Kelly.


“Kelly has clipped his wings,” one high-level Republican reportedly said.

Instead of focusing on a super-human bulletin to reinvent government, Kushner will be focused on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Kushner still seems to be stirring up debate in that regard. Kushner took an unannounced trip, Saudi Arabia, just as the first of the Mueller indictments were being announced, and right before news that Mohammad bin Salman led a large inform of domestic adversaries and associate royalty. Now the optics demeanour bad for Kushner since he was reportedly up to the diminutive hours of the night deliberating critical matters with Salman.

The report that Kushner is worried Mueller will get Trump comes as two U.S. Senators claimed Kushner unsuccessful to divulge emails he perceived from Donald Trump Jr. about Wikileaks as good as “a Russian backdoor proposition and cooking invite” in 2016.

Kushner has reportedly denied, under promise before congressional comprehension committees that he was informed with any attempts by WikiLeaks to hit the campaign.

A Russian landowner and former Russian senator named Aleksander Torshin who is reportedly close to Vladimir Putin requested by email that the Trump campaign attend a National Rifle Association eventuality in Louisville, Kentucky in May 2016. Donald Trump Jr. then reportedly sat next to Torshin during a private dinner.

Kushner reportedly responded, “Pass on this,” to the email, but Trump Jr. attended anyway. Congressional investigators are trying to find out why, since Torshin is not the kind of person you’d wish connected to the Trump campaign, much reduction sitting right next to Trump’s son at an NRA event.

From NBC News:

Spanish anti-corruption officials have identified Torshin as a “godfather” in the Russian mafia — something Torshin has denied.

Meanwhile, there are also stories that Kushner is to censure for Trump’s choice to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

No consternation Jared is worried Mueller will get Trump. Looks like Mueller is positively coming for him as well.

Happy Thanksgiving, America.

Featured image: Jared Kushner around Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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