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James Comey Defends McCabe, Blasts ‘Small People’ Trying to ‘Tear Down’ FBI

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Responding to news that former FBI emissary executive Andrew McCabe was stepping down a month early amid vigour from the White House, former business executive James Comey took aim at the “small people” who wish to bring their shared ex-employer down.

“Special Agent Andrew McCabe stood high over the last 8 months, when tiny people were trying to rip down an establishment we all count on,” Comey tweeted. “He served with eminence for two decades. we wish Andy well. we also wish continued strength for the rest of the FBI. America needs you.”

Despite being allocated to lead the FBI after President Donald Trump fired Comey last year, McCabe drew the president’s madness due to his attribute to his former boss. After news pennyless that McCabe was timid a month forward of his scheduled retirement, NBC News reported that Trump at one indicate called the former emissary executive to vent about Comey using a supervision craft the day after he fired him, only to end up job his subordinate’s wife a “loser” over her new campaign loss.

Noor Al-Sibai is a author and editor for Raw Story, whose work has seemed in Bustle, Everyday Feminism, and Rewire. 

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