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It certain looks like Waymo is getting prepared to launch in Phoenix

Waymo, Google’s self-driving automobile company, is laying the domestic grounds to launch a truly driverless automobile service. On Monday, the company announced a new partnership with several non-profit organizations.

Called “Let’s Talk Self-Driving,” the partnership aims to persuade Americans—and generally people in the Greater Phoenix area—of the advantages of self-driving cars. “We’re starting this campaign with a series of digital, outdoor, and radio promotion in Arizona,” Waymo CEO John Krafcik says in a blog post announcing the campaign.

Companies run ads compelling their products all the time, so on its own this isn’t very surprising. But two things mount out about the Waymo campaign.

First, the decision to launch these ads in Arizona seems to confirm reporting by The Information that Waymo was hoping to launch a blurb driverless automobile service in the Greater Phoenix area before the finish of the year. We don’t know if Waymo will meet that self-imposed deadline, but the decision to run these ads certainly suggests that Waymo is awaiting to enhance its participation in the Phoenix metro area in the coming months.


Second, Waymo has lined up an considerable list of sponsors, and the unite list doubles as a bullet-point outline of Waymo’s case for self-driving technology:

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving is on board, reinforcing Waymo’s evidence that self-driving taxis could dramatically revoke the occurrence of dipsomaniac pushing deaths.
  • The National Safety Council, a 104-year-old reserve group, supports the campaign, highlighting the technology’s intensity to revoke roadway deaths.
  • The Foundation for Senior Living is an Arizona-based classification that provides caring to aged adults. The classification is ancillary the campaign since self-driving cars could concede seniors to say their autonomy as they turn too old to drive.
  • Support from the Foundation for Blind Children highlights the intensity for self-driving cars to give blind people larger independence.
  • The East Valley Partnership is a civic organization in the Greater Phoenix area. Waymo will positively disagree that self-driving cars will be a bonus to the Phoenix civil area.

You can see Waymo methodically building a domestic case to start charity a driverless automobile service in the Greater Phoenix area. A big worry for Waymo is a open recoil due to reserve concerns or worries about pursuit losses. This campaign is partial of Waymo’s bid to preempt that critique by emphasizing that self-driving cars could offer big advantages over providing available and affordable transportation.

And the open accepting in Phoenix will be significant, because, if self-driving cars launch there first, the rest of the United States—and the world—will be profitable close attention.

Disclosure: My brother works at Google.

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