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It Appears Our Least Favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ House Will Be Returning For The Final Season


Folks, we hatred to get all #math on you, but there are only about 8-9 hours of Game Of Thrones left, which is objectively not good.

And somehow, even nonetheless there are only a singular volume of Thrones episodes left, it appears as nonetheless some of that time will be indifferent for everyone’s slightest favorite house. That’s right, people, gossip has it that the Freys will be returning for the final run of Thrones.

According to Watchers on the Wall (the go-to GoT forum), a impression named “Sarra” will be appearing in an part during the final season.  Sarra, as it were, is one of Frey’s approximately 1 billion granddaughters.

via Watchers on the Wall:


According to her resume, singer Danielle Galligan will be personification a impression named “Sarra” in a deteriorate eight part destined by David Nutter. The only instance of the name Sarra appearing in A Song of Ice and Fire is Sarra Frey, one of Walder Frey’s large granddaughters.

Whether or not Sarra will actually be a Frey is nonetheless to be seen, but we have a feeling we haven’t listened the last of Walder’s granddaughters yet.

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