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Israeli Attorney Slams Pence for Facilitating ‘Pageant’ in Jerusalem with ‘Evangelical Cult’ Leader

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Seidemann, a distinguished Israeli profession who founded the NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem, went on a tweetstorm against Vice President Mike Pence for his hyper-partisan revisit to Jerusalem that serve exacerbated tensions in the region.

“The manifestation Jerusalem [that] the universe witnessed during the Pence revisit was a assembly between a distinguished personality of the ‘end-of-days’ devout cult and its Israeli sister settler cult—cults that now browbeat the governance of their particular countries,” Seidemann wrote. “That’s not Jerusalem.”

Seidemann was referring to a powerful border Evangelical transformation that believes Jesus will return to “rapture” Christians only after Israel retakes Jerusalem. This theological faith is behind many far-right American Christians’ domestic position on Jerusalem. Some regressive Evangelicals trust the “rapture” will occur before the retaking of Jerusalem, but share a concentration on the eventuality as executive partial of their baleful narrative.


The problem of regressive American domestic division in Jerusalem is critical to Seidemann’s NGO, since the classification focuses on skill exchange in Jerusalem as they describe to a probable assent understanding between Israel and Palestine.

Seidemann says Pence “saw zero of Palestinian Jerusalem” on his outing and even managed to equivocate assembly with Palestinian Christians, despite the clamp president’s intensely open professions of Christianity.

While Pence has not sincerely voiced his opinions on the apocalypse, the clamp president’s outing to Jerusalem raises continued concerns about his theocratic change within the administration of an already authoritarian-leaning President Donald Trump.

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