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Is Michael Flynn the Man Who Knows Too Much?

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So we’re off to the races this week. President Trump has hit a new low, perhaps, by slurring a Native American heroine in a debate to Native American fight heroes while station under a mural of Andrew Jackson. Meanwhile, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds itself at war with the White House, with two opposite people portion as its arch and lawsuits drifting in all directions.

James O’Keefe apparently tried to sting top inquisitive reporters of The Washington Post and unsuccessful spectacularly. Trump called CNN International feign news right after Russian President Vladimir Putin strictly announced it a promotion network. There’s also a large taxation cut check that Trump and his rich buddies crave to put in their heirs’ Christmas stockings this year, harsh its way by the Senate. And it’s only Tuesday.

But one story buzzing over the weekend may finish up being a watershed moment in this crazy Trump epoch and that is the news that Michael Flynn’s lawyers sent notice to the White House that they were withdrawing from an agreement to share information. Such an arrangement is not odd between lawyers for people concerned in an investigation, but when one of their clients decides to concur with prosecutors it is reprobate to continue to share or accept information from others who may be targets of those prosecutors.


So the arrogance is that Flynn is auxiliary with special warn Robert Mueller and may be negotiating a defence agreement. On Monday, ABC News reported that Flynn’s profession Robert Kelner met with members of Mueller’s team, which suggests that conjecture may very good be correct.

So the arrogance is that Flynn is auxiliary with special warn Robert Mueller and may be negotiating a defence agreement. On Monday, ABC News reported that Flynn’s profession Robert Kelner met with members of Mueller’s team, which suggests that conjecture may very good be correct.

Flynn was fired as Trump’s inhabitant confidence confidant (a post he held for hardly 3 weeks), evidently given he lied to Vice President Mike Pence, a story that never really done sense. It’s not as if the Trump White House has some kind of 0 toleration for lying. What we know happened at the time was that the FBI had already questioned Flynn about his discussions with the Russian ambassador. We also know that Acting Attorney General Sally Yates (fired shortly afterward for her refusal to lift out the wrong Muslim ban) told White House warn Don McGahn that Flynn competence be compromised, and that McGahn told the boss — but they kept him around for another two weeks.

It’s misleading what went on during that period, but Mueller and company are certainly very extraordinary as to what Trump and others were thinking. After all, the review Flynn allegedly had with the Russian envoy concerned Flynn observant the Russians shouldn’t worry about the Obama administration’s sanctions over division in the election. We just don’t know if that was remuneration for delivery or just a gesticulate of goodwill between close friends.

Flynn is unprotected on a series of fronts that make him very exposed to prosecution. He unsuccessful to file as a unfamiliar agent, one of the charges the special counsel’s bureau filed against former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort. He’s also presumably being investigated for his lobbying work on seductiveness of unfamiliar countries, income laundering and fibbing to sovereign agents about his abroad contacts. And then there is that little matter that Flynn and his son may have been concerned in a tract to kidnap banished Turkish minister Fethullah Gülen, a rival of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and describe him to Turkey in sell for millions of dollars — while Flynn was user for Trump.

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Mueller was also looking into Flynn’s consulting understanding with a company called ACU to build nuclear reactors all over the Middle East, a devise that continued by the finish of 2016 and that Flynn unsuccessful to exhibit on his initial avowal forms. The Post described the devise this way:

The idea: to build several dozen “proliferation-proof” nuclear energy plants opposite Persian Gulf states. The devise relied heavily on Russian interests, which would help build the plants, as good as presumably take possession of spent fuel that could be used to build a nuclear weapon, according to people informed with the project. ACU’s handling director, Alex Copson, had been compelling variations of building nuclear comforts with Russian help for some-more than two decades, according to news reports.

Oddly, Flynn was warning publicly, including in testimony to Congress in 2015, that the U.S. would be at risk if Russia were to build these nuclear reactors. One imagines that the special warn would be utterly meddlesome in meaningful just what he was up to, given he was concurrently consulting with a company that was user with the Russians to do just that.

These are just some of the probable areas of seductiveness that are open knowledge. There could be be more. People tend to forget what Gen. Michael Flynn did before he became Trump’s closest inhabitant confidence adviser. He’s not like the rest of Trump’s multi-coloured environment of family, has-beens and problematic misfits. Up until 2014, when he was finally fired by President Obama, Michael Flynn was one of the many critical comprehension officers in the U.S. military.

After 9/11 Flynn held gradually aloft levels of comprehension posts until he finally became executive of the Defense Intelligence Agency and commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and then chair of the Military Intelligence Board in 2012. He lasted until 2014, when he was forced out for bad supervision and celebrity issues.

This is not your common campaign user or supervision bureaucrat. Flynn knows things. Until 3 years ago, he was arcane to the many firmly held secrets America has, and was right back in it progressing this year as inhabitant confidence confidant to the president. He had a lot to offer to a unfamiliar supervision if he was of a mind to share it, either for money, punish or something else.

Michael Flynn could be in very big trouble. The doubt now is either his boss knew what he was up to or betrothed to strengthen him once he was caught. That’s what Mueller is looking to find out.


Heather Digby Parton, also famous as “Digby,” is a contributing author to Salon. She was the leader of the 2014 Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism.

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