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Is Bitcoin Financing America’s Radical Right Wing?

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Political movements typically rest on open and private donations, but a new report in the Washington Post suggests that Bitcoin — the prohibited cryptocurrency so much in the news newly — is enabling right-wing and alt-right nonconformist groups.

According to the report, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is tracking an estimated 200 Bitcoin wallets owned by worried extremists. Researchers in the report contend they’ve privately seen an boost in people on the distant right moving their resources into the digital currency, and using it “for typical business purposes.”

“Bitcoin is permitting people in the transformation to go over cash in an pouch or a check,” Heidi Beirich, conduct of the Intelligence Project at the SPLC, told the Post. “It’s really a godsend to them.”


According to SPLC research, 14.88 bitcoins were paid to Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer, a scandalous neo-Nazi online publication. The transaction was done on Aug. 20, according to the report, when Anglin was “scrambling” to redeem from his announcement having been evicted from mixed web-hosting services. The series 14.88 is an apparent anxiety to a Nazi aphorism that is 14 difference prolonged and also to the use of 88 as a code for “Heil Hitler.” (H is the eighth minute of the alphabet.) That volume of bitcoins was reportedly worth around $60,000 at the time. The remuneration was done by an unknown source,  according to cybersecurity researcher John Bambenek, who marks Bitcoin transactions.

Anglin, in a phone interview, reliable to the Post that he uses Bitcoin almost exclusively. “Bitcoin has helped out a lot,” he said.


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