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International Politics Expert Warns the U.S. Is Sliding Into Fascism

Brian Klaas
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An general politics consultant who studies peremptory regimes pronounced President Donald Trump was already holding stairs to accumulate peremptory energy — and he called on Americans to stop him.

Brian Klaas, an consultant on global democracy and domestic violence, told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that Americans should worry about the Trump’s eagerness to gibe the law and attack approved institutions.

“I’m worried about it,” Klaas said. “Retweeting a Britain First comment related to neo-Nazis and incite a squabble with the allies. You have demonization of the press and also aggressive CNN, observant we should protest them. There (are) consistent ethics violations, violations of the Hatch Act.”


Klaas, the author of “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding Abetting the Decline of Democracy,” pronounced the White House press secretary had given an “Orwellian” response to questions about those anti-Muslim videos Trump retweeted from a British fascist.

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders says it doesn’t matter if it’s true, what’s loyal is what the boss says,” Klaas said.

He pronounced what’s happening now in the United States lines up with the early stages of peremptory regimes he’s complicated in other countries.

“These things are happening on a daily basis,” Klaas said. “What I’ve been trying to contend for a prolonged time is, this is not a drill. This is not the thing where we pierce on to the next story tomorrow. This is a hazard to the democracy and to the core values we mount for. Are we bigots who just allegation Muslims and contend that they’re hateful, anti-Christian criminals, and then just pierce on to the next piece of breaking news? No, we’re not.”

“People need to draw a line in the sand, since if we don’t draw it there, where do we draw it?” he added.

Mika Brzezinski, the show’s co-host, concluded with his conclusions.

“There are a lot of people that contend this is how it begins,” she said. “I am there completely.”

Travis Gettys is an editor for Raw Story. 

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