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In Texas You Can Legally Own More Guns Than Sex Toys

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Texas has some-more laws on the books per the possession of dildos than of firearms, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The Lone Star State has a law banning the possession of some-more than 6 dildos, and a sum of 0 laws controlling the series of guns you can own. As the Chronicle notes, the 1973 sex fondle law creates it illegal for someone to possess “six or some-more pornographic inclination or matching or identical pornographic articles,” or to possess them with vigilant to promote the same.”

The codified inequality isn’t singular to Texas proper. In Aug 2016, University of Texas at Austin tyro Jessica Jin orderly the “Cocks not Glocks” criticism after finding that, according to the school penal code, guns are allowed on campus while sex toys are banned.


“You would accept a reference for holding a dildo to category before you would get in difficulty for holding a gun to class,” Jin wrote on a Facebook event. “Heaven dissuade the penis.”

Texas’ tough position against vibrators and other sex toys is not wholly startling deliberation the take the states’ lawmaker have on such devices. In 2007, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—who worked on interest of Texas’ former profession general—tried to retard the “private use of pornographic devices” (aka dildos) in sequence to protect “public morals.”

“There is no substantive-due-process right to kindle one’s genitals for non-medical functions separate to procreation or outward of an interpersonal relationship,” a brief filed by Cruz’s authorised group asserted.

Contrast that with Cruz’s position on gun control.

“The Second Amendment is about something very fundamental,” Cruz pronounced following the San Bernardino militant attack in 2015. ”It’s about the God-given right of every singular one of us to strengthen the home, the families and the lives.”

A God-given right to own guns, but really not some-more than 6 vibrators. 


Elizabeth Preza is a staff author for Raw Story. Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.

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