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Illinois Woman Faces Felony Drug Charges After Cops Mistake Pistachio Shells for Marijuana

Pistachio shells are not customarily mistaken for marijuana.
Photo Credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons

A lady from Round Lake Beach, Illinois is confronting a probable transgression drug charge after police found a analgesic pain remedy in her cloak pocket — which they only detected since they mistook pistachio shells in her automobile for pot and used it as a stratagem to hunt the whole vehicle.

The Northwest Herald reports that 59-year-old Nancy Pahlman has been charged with possession of a tranquil piece after police officers found a bottle of tramodol in her cloak pocket that had been prescribed to one of her relatives.

Even yet Pahlman actually does have her own medication for the painkiller, police arrested and charged her anyway for possessing a medication that was not her own.


However, Pahlman’s attorney, Philip Prossnitz, tells the Northwest Herald that police did not have the correct management to hunt her car. After pulling Pahlman over for speeding on Jan 5th, claims Prossnitz, a police officer mistook a raise of pistachio shells in the front of the automobile for marijuana, despite the fact that the two substances demeanour very different.

Police did not find any tangible pot in her car, but nonetheless destitute her for possession of the pills.

Because of all this, Prossnitz is expressing certainty that Pahlman will not be prosecuted for drug possession.

“I consider we are a suit to conceal and a bag of pistachio nuts divided from solution this matter,” he tells the Northwest Herald.


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