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If You Still Support Trump, You’re Not Necessarily a Bad Person

If you voted for Trump, and youre one of the 36%-38% or so who still consider rarely of him, youre substantially not a bad person.

If you voted for Trump, and you’re one of the 36%-38% or so who still consider rarely of him, you’re substantially not a bad person. Nor are you indispensably stupid. Here’s what you are.

You’re the person who goes to the carnival, spends $100.00 trying to win that big brownish-red teddy bear that cost the carney $7.00, and you walk divided feeling jubilant when you finally do.

When you hear Donald Trump contend “believe me” at one of his rallies or during a speech, you actually trust him. Because you know he never lies.

You’re the one who pulls into a used automobile lot, and all the salesmen dump what they’re doing and rush over to help you. Those guys can symbol a symbol from 100 yards.You watch Fox News exclusively since they insist they’re the only ones who can be devoted to report the truth. And you know this to be loyal since if it wasn’t, they couldn’t contend it. Right? Right! The only time your radio isn’t tuned to Fox News is when you’re examination the Home Shopping Network. Such deals! Why just the other day, you bagged that set of beach towels for $24.97 that routinely sell for $30.00! ($9.99 for shipping handling). What you’ll do with them in North Dakota is anybody’s guess, but hey… a deal’s a deal!

When your favorite televangelist in the $20 million megachurch asks you to puncture a little deeper this month since he needs it to lift out “the Lord’s work;” their 30,000 block foot HD studio addition, they know they can count on you.

You’ve memorized the times when K-Mart announces their Blue Light Specials. You’re so savvy, you were the first one in your area to own that lovely plastic punch play with the Peanuts squad embossed on it. This, in my opinion, was one of the many auspicious passages created during the 20th century:“As Democracy is perfected, the bureau of the President represents some-more and some-more closely, the middle essence of the people. On some good and stately day, the plain folks of the land will strech their heart’s enterprise at last, and the White House will be ornate by a officious moron.”~ H.L Mencken, On Politics: A Carnival of Buncombe.


Even yet P.T. Barnum never actually pronounced it, it’s loyal nonetheless. There’s a fool innate every minute. That’s who you are. A rube. A sucker. Someone who’s simply manipulated by a slick-talking huckster. That doesn’t make you a bad person or a nincompoop. But it isn’t anything to write home about either.You, dear Trump supporters, are the adults of Buncombe, circa 1950s. You’re the “plain folks of the land.” After 25-30 years of being bombarded by speak radio propagandists, wire “news” outlets that have plotted your egghead soothing spots and manipulate them like puppeteers.

Combined with your irregular fear of anybody who doesn’t resemble you are ceremony as you do, you motionless the time was close for payback after being told what to do by a black man. So you chose the sociopathic non-politician to order over us all.

Enjoy it while it lasts, good adults of Buncombe. Because when this nazi calamity finally ends, we, the 65 million electorate who warned you of his criminal will direct both your remorse and the domestic comeuppance.

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