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Hypocrisy: Trump Signs Veterans’ Mental Health Bill as Jeff Sessions Declares War on Their Medicine

By Jack Burns

President Trump sealed an executive sequence that was presented as an bid to urge veterans’ mental health treatment, just days after reports claimed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions plans to salary fight on their medicine by rescinding a policy that keeps sovereign prosecutors from aggressively enforcing sovereign law in states where cannabis is legal.

Trump sealed an executive order titled, “Supporting the Veterans during their Transition from Uniformed Service to Civilian Life” on Jan. 9. The sequence calls for the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and the Secretary of Homeland Security to work together to provide “seamless entrance to mental health diagnosis and self-murder impediment resources for transitioning uniformed service members in the year following discharge, separation, or retirement.”

The magnitude is dictated to urge reintegration into municipal life and to forestall self-murder if at all possible. But the form of mental health services Trump is asking for almost positively do not engage using cannabis for PTSD, depression, or ongoing pain. That is since the U.S. Attorney General just rescinded the Cole memo, permitting state Attorney Generals to go after authorised weed.


As The Free Thought Project has reported on countless occasions, authorised cannabis and entrance to it is not upheld by VA hospitals. In fact, we interviewed one maestro who suffers from PTSD and lives in Phoenix. For remoteness reasons we will call him “Jeremy.”

Jeremy told TFTP that his incapacity advantages are directly connected to his blood tests. If his blood does not denote a quantifiable turn of psychotropics then the VA will finish his incapacity benefits. In other words, if he does not take dangerous antidepressants and antipsychotics then he loses his monthly cash benefit.

While Trump’s executive sequence will pledge 100 percent of veterans will now be means to get mental health advantages (whereas only 40 percent were means to get them before), what veterans really wish is entrance to authorised weed. So do the infancy of Americans. They also do not wish to be forced to take psychotropics, drugs that have actually caused the very suicides the executive sequence has settled it is attempting to combat.

Jeremy is a budtender at a Phoenix-area pot dispensary. He pronounced he loathes being forced to take psychotropics but can't partial with the poignant incapacity payouts any month. So he takes as little as he presumably can and throws divided the rest. He says weed works much better and he would use it exclusively if he could.

Sessions’ pierce to revoke the Cole memo follows months of identical actions by the government. As TFTP reported in July, the House Rules Committee blocked an amendment called the “Veterans Equal Access,” which would have allowed the VA to plead cannabis as an option for veterans’ diagnosis in VA hospitals. The amendment did not pass mostly since cannabis is still personal as a Schedule we analgesic (purely for domestic and Pharma-Cartel reasons) much to the dismay of a infancy of Americans, including veterans advocacy groups, like the American Legion, who wish cannabis done accessible to veterans.

Veterans who select to go against the VA and to use cannabis as a viable mental health custom not only face the loss of financial benefits, they run the risk of jail time as well. Kristoffer Lewandowski is an honorably liberated maestro of the USMC was arrested in Oklahoma for personal possession of marijuana. He says the VA had him holding 18 opposite drugs daily for his PTSD, which enclosed lethal opiates. At one point, he was holding 180 Percocets per month, but the drugs were killing his liver.

After anticipating that cannabis worked better, Lewandowski quit holding his medication pills. Because Oklahoma does not have medical marijuana, he began flourishing a few plants for his personal use and diagnosis of PTSD. The police detected the plants and arrested him.

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Lewandowski was charged with cultivating marijuana, and the police confiscated the unit of cannabis they found. They charged his wife as good and took their children away. After getting capitulation from the OK district attorney, the family connected out of jail and changed to California. But Lewandowski’s leisure was short-lived. After blank an appointment at the Veterans Administration’s psychiatric hospital, he was arrested again. Later, he supposed a defence understanding and was allowed to stay in California to continue holding the plant he says saved his life.

While Trump’s executive sequence sounds like a good thought by giving all veterans entrance to mental health services, what veterans really need and wish is concept entrance to cannabis as a healthy diagnosis for depression, PTSD, and pain. Instead, they are given prescription pills, which are needlessly pushing up the self-murder rate among veterans.

Ironically, one of Trump’s campaign promises was for veterans was that they would be means to bypass the VA and go wherever they wanted for treatment. That guarantee has nonetheless to be over and almost positively did not meant going to the pot sanatorium for their medicine.

It’s time for Congress to act on interest of all veterans and Americans to legalize pot opposite the nation. Too many people are in jail, are going to jail, and are being charged with felonies for a plant—one that has demonstrated the energy to treat pain, depression, addictions, and to forestall suicide.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, inquisitive reporter, and disciple of healthy medicine. This essay first seemed at The Free Thought Project.

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