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How a Star Trek label diversion sensitively continues, 10 years after its central end

Earlier this year, we was back at my childhood home in Southern California, digging by some old boxes. Amidst assorted ball cards, long-forgotten school projects, sports trophies, and more, we located a small, slim white label box.

The box is unmarked, only for a tiny plaque in the top left-hand dilemma with my name on it. But we knew what it was the present we saw it: my whole collection of Star Trek Customizable Card Game (STCCG), substantially a couple hundred cards in total.

While we never had any A-List cards (I never lucked out on any Enterprise overpass organisation for instance), we fast found the few that we set aside in plastic sleeves: Lt. Jg. Jean-Luc Picard, Montgomery Scott, and even Mot the Barber. Nostalgia cleared over me. The cards were just as we had left them, likely some-more than two decades ago, full with slips of paper imprinting the opposite types: “Missions,” “Equipment,” “Federation Ships,” and more. This box hadn’t been non-stop given we put them divided back in high school.

Somewhere along the way, we had just stopped playing—I grew older, and we never knew that many people who also played CCG. Its village paled in comparison (in terms of distance at least) to deck-building label games that pennyless into the mainstream like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon. These days, many people likely would never even have famous this diversion once existed if not for “The Greatest Generation” podcast. As a regular-listening fan, we sent them some packs from eBay back in April. By summer, those packs became partial of a new comedy bit on the show.

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