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Here Are 5 Reasons we Am Actually Thankful for Trump

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On Thanksgiving, some people are grateful for family and good friends, while others find fun in traveling, financial gain or good food. But me? Well, I’m grateful for Donald Trump.

Yes, Donald Trump the reality TV star, also famous as the every-other-day-a-new-scandal-brewing, greatly orange, Putin-loving 45th president of the United States.

I know you are wondering if I’ve lost mind. I’m unapproachable to tell you: not yet. You see, we was vexed like everybody else when he won the election last November. And the after-effects were all we thought they would be. There’s been no wall built, no new health caring bill, no social mobility for white operative category people in center America. Basically zero he promised to his electorate seems to be happening, which doesn’t really worry me since I’m on the other side, nonetheless the country being the shouting batch of world Earth isn’t fun.


I suspicion no good could come from Trump’s presidency, until we satisfied that you can’t multiply revolutionaries at the top turn until you have a stupid person heading your country. Would NFL players be so peaceful to visibly conflict misapplication but Trump in charge? Would the Democrats be energized and charity genuine solutions but Trump trying to idle Obama’s legacy? Would all of the wannabe presidents still be peaceful to run in 2020 if Trump didn’t show them how formidable and stressful being boss can be? Has anyone listened from the Kanye 2020 campaign lately?

To celebrate America being led by one of the silliest leaders ever, watch The Salon 5 for five reasons because you should all be like me and be grateful this year for Donald Trump.

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