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Have You Ever Unfriended Your Right-Wing Facebook Friends Out of Anger and Frustration?

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The pretension of Celeste Headlee’s new book is “We Need to Talk,” but really, it’s just as much a defence for listening.

In 2015, Headlee, the horde of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s “On Second Thought,” gave a TEDx talk on what we can do to have better conversations — and because we positively need to — that racked up scarcely 9 million views. On a recent episode of “Salon Talks,” she spoke about the affinity for relate chambers, and because they’re so unpropitious to loyal discourse.

“What we’re doing when we try to unfriend people in genuine life, and when we try to tailor life the way you tailor your Twitter feed,” she explained, “is you’re trying to strategize annoy out of your life. You’re trying to never see opinions you don’t determine with; you’re trying to never have conversations that competence devolve into an argument, and that means you’re going to approximate yourself with people who determine with you.”


And she pronounced that intolerancef cuts opposite domestic views.

“We really are vital in ideological bubbles, and I’m not just articulate about conservatives and I’m not just articulate about liberals,” she said. “Even if you are magnanimous and you consider that you are some-more big than your regressive friends, the investigate doesn’t back that up. Conversation requires that there are two people speaking to one another, listening to what the other person is saying, and then what they are observant actually changes what you are going to say. If this person has no outcome on the other person, it’s not a conversation.”

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