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Groundbreaking Study Maps ‘Insidious’ (And Alarmingly Successful) Strategy of Anti-Choice Movement

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A new report released Thursday sum how American anti-choice activists have used their “insidious power” to chip divided at reproductive rights, penetrate the Trump administration, and allege “their border agenda” nationwide.

The Insidious Power of the Anti-Choice Movement (pdf), published by NARAL Pro-Choice America, outlines how “the anti-choice transformation has spent decades building the domestic infrastructure they need to attack termination entrance from all sides.”

The report shows how those against to a woman’s right to select have used authorised and domestic influence, feign health centers, protesters, and misinformation to impact policies and politics.


Currently, it warns, “anti-choice activists lay in successful roles opposite the Trump administration, have rare change over authorised nominations, and are introducing the many extreme anti-choice legislation ever seen in Congress.”

Acknowledging that the report is the first of its kind, NARAL Pro-Choice America boss Ilyse Hogue explained that it “documents the middle workings of the anti-choice transformation in a way that distant exceeds what people now know about its agenda,” which “is vicious to bargain how the movement’s guileful and out of step bulletin is apropos reality.”

“While 7 in 10 Americans support authorised abortion, this movement—fully empowered by the Trump administration—does all it can to meet its sinister goals of ruling all aspects of women’s reproductive health, from banning termination undisguised to tying entrance to contraception,” Hogue added. “Their change is outsized relations to the recognition of their border bulletin interjection to their rarely coordinated, well-funded, under the radar work.”

NARAL’s report focuses on 5 ways anti-choice activists have modernized their bulletin opposite the United States over the march of several decades, describing how the movement: 

  1. has been “strategically curating and nurturing judges” for sovereign justice appointments, to advantage the movement’s authorised hurdles to laws that pledge reproductive rights;
  2. continues to qualification legislative proposals that are “intended to go by the justice complement and incite a plea to Roe v. Wade, in hopes of overturning the case that constitutionally protects a woman’s right to an abortion;
  3.  creates and supports “deceitful, feign health clinics that captivate women in with misinformation” and help to build an on-the-ground network of anti-choice activists;
  4. has determined the “illusion that the anti-choice bulletin is some-more renouned than it is” by delicately coordinating activists who “reinforce any other’s work,” substantiating an “echo cover effect”;
  5. has been sensitively receiving income from those who fund other worried groups and politicians—”a handful of regressive mega-donors such as the Betsy Devos and Rebekah Mercer families.”

The report comes just a day forward of the movement’s annual supposed Mar for Life in Washington, D.C., which President Donald Trump is scheduled to attend. 

“With Trump in bureau and Neil Gorsuch in the Supreme Court,” Hogue warns in the report, anti-choice activists “believe they’re closer than ever to their ultimate idea of overturning Roe v. Wade.

Jessica Corbett is a staff author for Common Dreams. Follow her on Twitter: @corbett_jessica.

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