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Government Report: In 20 Years A.I. Implants Will Allow Humans To Control Our World

By Aaron Kesel

The bulletin to pull towards Transhumanism is on course. It has now been reported by the House of Lords that within 20 years A.I. implants will concede us to control the homes, raise the muscles, cells and correct the bodies.

John McNamara, who works at IBM Hursley Innovation Centre, in Hampshire, presented justification to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Committee, which is deliberation the economic, reliable and social implications of the hulk jump into using A.I.

“We may see AI nano-machines being injected into the bodies,” he told peers according to the Telegraph.

These will yield outrageous medical benefits, such as being means to correct repairs to cells, muscles, and skeleton – maybe even enlarge them.


Beyond this, utilising record which is already being explored currently we see the origination of record that can mix the biological with the technological, and so be means to raise human cognitive capability directly, potentially charity severely softened mental, as good as being means to utilize immeasurable quantities of computing energy to enlarge the own suspicion processes.

Using this technology, embedded in ourselves and in the surroundings, we will start to be means to control the sourroundings with suspicion and gestures alone.

He also voiced regard as we have that A.I. could take divided jobs bringing a “huge disruption” to those operative in the sell and service sectors.

“Whereas today, being bad means being incompetent to means the latest smartphone, tomorrow this could meant the disproportion between one organisation of people potentially having an unusual uplift in earthy ability, cognitive ability, health, life camber and another much wider organisation that do not,” McNamara said.

Loss of jobs isn’t the only problem that the doing of synthetic comprehension will means there is also the very genuine possibility of formulating an Orwellian nightmare where there are pre-crime showing devices.

Meanwhile, progressing this year a former Google[X] exec Mary Lou Jepsen stated how she wanted to bring telepathy to human beings by a ski-hat, permitting human beings to review any other’s filtered thoughts by telepathic communication.

Last year, at the DAVOS summit, elites met to plead at a discussion entitled: “Life in 2030: Humankind and the Machine,” paving the way toward pre-crime as Truthstream Media reported. The elitists discussed decoding the brain and a person’s inner speech, something that sounds sci-fi but unfortunately it’s not.

The India Times reported that scientists are already building inclination means of giving human beings an softened recovering factor, “simply by permitting it the capability to reprogram the skin cells with genetic information to spin them into other cells that need to be replaced. It could have applications in a accumulation of medical conditions, from Alzheimer’s to cancer.”

Although a obvious doesn’t indispensably meant that the company will spin the thought into a product, Google has suggested replacing the human eye’s healthy lens with an electronic lens make cyborg eye that would give its user superhuman steer and also bond them to their inscription phone, laptop, etc.

This also comes as scientists have discussed the tender of genetically modifying human beings to go to Mars which could engage A.I. record in the foreseeable future.

It seems we are moving toward a day where man and appurtenance will combine formulating a human systematic hybrid. Through nanotechnology we will be means to accomplish all sorts of feats, but are we being conditioned to accept Transhumanism as human evolution?

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post and is Director of Content for Coinivore. Follow Aaron at Twitter and Steemit.

This essay is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution. Like Activist Post on Facebook, allow on YouTube, follow on Twitter and at Steemit.

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