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Golden Globes 2018: Best Celebrity Instagram Photos

If you go to the Golden Globes and don’t Instagram the whole night, did you actually go to the Golden Globes?

The 75th annual Golden Globe Award rite was filled with some of today’s biggest celebrities. They were all there and prepared to request the whole night on their Instagrams for all their fans to see.

The Golden Globes honors the best of film and radio and all of the hottest celebrities are there to declare it. Although we can’t all be there to see it ourselves, we can live vicariously through the glamorous Instagram photos, right?

Many of the celebrities that attended the Golden Globes took the night as a possibility to mount together in support of the Time Is Up movement. Time Is Up refers to station up for women and men who have been silenced by taste or abuse. Celebrities like Nick Jonas, Dakota Johnson, Mandy Moore and so many others wore black in support of the cause.

Kerry Washington took the red runner and talked about how respected she was to be means to mount up for such a good cause.


Ricky Martin posted a photo on Instagram using #TimeIsUp, a hashtag combined to support the cause. The hashtag also was trending the whole night during the Golden Globes.

If you’re anything like me, you can’t bear to skip any luminary news. Thanks to us, now you won’t have too! We’ve collected some of the best luminary Instagram photos from the 2018 Golden Globes and put them in this article. You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to check back for updates, given we’ll be updating this post via the whole show!

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