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Games with racy ads hide into the Play Store, get 3 million downloads

Sixty games were booted off the Play Store after confidence organisation Check Point detected that they contained racy ads and antagonistic components. Before their removal, the games were downloaded between 3 million and 7 million times, according to the download metrics on the Play Store.

The malware is dubbed “AdultSwine,” and according to Check Point Research, it had 3 categorical features:

  1. Displaying ads from the Web that are mostly rarely inapt and pornographic
  2. Attempting to pretence users into installing feign “security apps”
  3. Inducing users to register to reward services at the user’s expense

The 60 listings in the Play Store were generally knockoff games, like “Five Nights Survival Craft.” In some cases, the creator simply stole a genuine IP, as in “Drawing Lessons Angry Birds.” Once installed, the app would phone home, promulgation information about the user’s phone and receiving instructions on how to operate. The app could censor its icon, making dismissal some-more difficult. Check Point says the malware could display ads from “the categorical ad providers” or switch to its own ad server, which supposing porn ads, scareware ads, and ads that duped the user into signing up for reward services. AdultSwine not only displayed ads while users played the diversion that came with the malware; it could also show pop-up ads on top of other apps.

Google private the apps once it was told of them, telling the Financial Times, “We’ve private the apps from Play, infirm the developers’ accounts, and will continue to show clever warnings to anyone that has commissioned them. We conclude Check Point’s work to help keep users safe.” Google does programmed malware scanning of apps submitted to the Play Store, heading to a continual cat-and-mouse diversion of antagonistic developers operative to kick the filters in several ways.


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