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Free Thinking Army Officer Is Driving the Right Crazy

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Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone is, by all accounts, a contrarian. He was a free thinker at West Point, a comrade in the U.S. Army, a infantryman who reads Gramsci, and many tragically, a hazard to the assent of mind of Senator Marco Rubio.

What second Lt. Rapone is not, is a hazard to “overthrow the U.S. government,” a “threat to the safety,” guilty of “treason,” or “100%” certain to dedicate “mass murder in the nearby future.” This is despite what some may have review about him on right-wing  Twitter and in the reactionary Daily Caller.

Fake publisher Mike Cernovich, a master of the non-sequitur, concludes Rapone’s heresies should convince you that the National Security Council is run by the Muslim Brotherhood. 


Spenser Rapone is explanation that informative Marxism has taken over at West Point, still consider that the NSC isn’t run by Muslim Brotherhood?

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) Sep 27, 2017

Now the Army is questioning Lt. Rapone, the veterans in the Democratic Socialists of America are fortifying him, and the social media hive is starting to buzz.

Truly Scary

Welcome to another enlightenment fight in which the predestine of America hangs in the balance, at slightest until the finish of the news cycle or the next white man’s massacre, whichever comes first.

Lt. Rapone’s prominence illuminates one of the obtuse (but still annoying) hazards of the uneasy times: The energy of social media platforms to rouse the pardonable to the apocalyptic, to renovate extraordinary developments into civilizational dilemmas that need moral indignation from all right-thinking people.

Tired of chasing Colin Kaepernick out of the ideological pocket, the worried suspicion police are now brisk to follow Lt. Rapone out of the barracks. His crime: free thinking, which is truly frightful to many on the right and even some on the left. Out of fear, the suspicion police find to win the discuss by preventing it from happening.

The domestic right is distant worse than the left on this score, but revolutionary dogmatism is on the rise, too. 

Last spring, sociologist Charles Murray, who has authored works of worldly injustice and works of judicious informative criticism, was prevented from speaking at Middlebury College by professors and students unapproachable to contend they had never review what he had written.

Just last week in Washington, a organisation of American University students were thwarted when they sought to promote unpopular views on campus. The organisation Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) was blocked from holding a forum on the politics and jurisprudence of campus passionate assault.

To the internal section of the American Association of University Women, the unpopular was intolerable. They announced that the YAL speakers were enchanting in “hate speech,” a explain for which there is little evidence. YAL lost entrance to a campus venue and had to go elsewhere to hold its contention of Title IX and other timely issues of seductiveness to immature people

AAUW actually distinguished on Facebook that they succeeded in making certain that the speaker’s unusual opinions did not taint the presumably trusting ears of womanlike (and male) undergraduates allegedly certain to humour some kind of mistreat (what kind of mistreat is not very clear) from conference a indicate of perspective they competence find repulsive or tendentious or persuasive. The suspicion police illusory they had won the discuss by preventing it from happening.

Lt. Rapone is having a identical outcome on the right. He wore a Che Guevara T-shirt under his uniform. He wrote a paper quoting Gramsci to support his perspective that the U.S. Army should meddle in Kurdistan.

But wait, there’s worse: He shouted during an bureau discuss with a professor. He unsuccessful to wear his uniform in a West Point building where uniforms are mandatory. And, get this, he stared at a associate officer’s name tag for a prolonged time.Very suspicious.

(The Daily Caller reports that social media accounts “linked” to Lt. Rapone have enclosed oppressive and scurrilous comments. we could not exclusively endorse the linkage. Since the Daily Caller is not a infallible source, we will not quote the purported comments.)

Isn’t it apparent Lt. Rapone is a transparent and benefaction risk to the protected spaces of Daily Caller staffers? Isn’t it needed that he be driven out of the U.S. armed forces in the name of all that is right and good? Isn’t this the moment when Senator Rubio can overcome anxieties about his dimunitive status and do Something Important?

Alas, it is.

Do the Right Thing

West Point officials were apparently aware of Rapone’s private domestic opinions in 2015 and let him continue to serve, another theme generating yards of online outrage.

I consider West Point did the right thing. Lt. Rapone’s superiors saw that an determined officer had clever and unpopular opinions. They saw that he upheld his classes and over his duties, so they resolved he was behaving within his constitutionally cumulative rights—the very freedoms the Army is ostensible to defend. They sent him to Afghanistan where he served one tour.

Lt. Rapone is now reserved to the 10th Mountain Division, according to the Army Times.

Maybe his critique of American multitude and indebtedness for rebel spirits like Che Guevara and Antonio Gramsci will infer exclusive with fighting one of the seven wars the U.S. supervision is now waging around the world. we wish so.

Or maybe Lt. Rapone is a good infantryman who knows what he wants to risk his life for: free speech. That wouldn’t be a bad outcome either. Free discuss needs some-more defenders, generally lately. 

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