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Fox Panel Rips Stephen Miller after Jake Tapper Boots Him Off CNN: ‘All He Would Do Is Lavish Trump’

Fox News “Media Buzz” panel.

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On Fox News, White House help Stephen Miller did not get good reviews for his manic opening with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning that forced the State of the Union host to shut down the interview and go to commercial.

During a row contention on Fox media researcher Howie Kurtz’s Spin Cycle, the horde pennyless off from a contention about author Michael Wolff’s blockbuster book about President Donald Trump’s White House to residence Miller’s outburst.

“On the theme of the boss examination television,” Kurtz began. “Earlier currently a White House official, Stephen Miller, was on CNN articulate to anchor Jake Tapper. He incited on his former co-worker Steve Bannon and called his remarks in the book ‘grotesque and vindictive.’ And also pronounced that CNN is 24 hours of anti-Trump hysteria.”


“It was a very irritable interview,” Kurtz certified before reading President’s Trump’s tweeted response to Tapper, and adding that Trump was apparently watching.

“Yeah, he just guaranteed the rebroadcast of that show, those rating are going to go by the roof,” campaign strategist Mo Elleithee agreed.

“I didn’t see anything astray in Tapper’s questions nonetheless it was a irritable interview” the Fox horde offered.

“That’s right, and we haven’t seen the whole talk yet,” Elleithee stated. “But there was a clip at the finish where Tapper was trying to ask Miller several questions and Miller, all he would do was just intemperate the boss with loquacious personal regard to the indicate where Tapper pronounced you’re only speaking to an assembly of one right now.”

“Moments later, the boss accurate that with his tweet,” Elleithee combined with a smirk.

“I theory he doesn’t just watch Fox News,” regressive commentator Gayle Trotter combined as the row began to laugh.

Watch the video next around Fox News:


Tom Boggioni is a author in San Diego, Calif.

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