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Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Makes Joke of Trump’s Racist ‘Sh*thole’ Comment at Mar-A-Lago

Photo Credit: Alexandra Clough around Twitter

Fox News horde Jeanine Pirro on Thursday invoked Donald Trump’s extremist denunciation to report the president’s private Mar-A-Lago resort, revelation attendees of the Trumpettes’ “Red, White and Blue” celebration, “[Mar-A-Lago] certain ain’t no shithole!”

The Trumpettes—a organisation of the president’s womanlike supporters—threw the eventuality Thursday to commemorate the one-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Saturday, the president plans to horde a $100,000-per-couple party at Mar-A-Lago—despite the probability that the supervision will close down on midnight Friday.

As the Washington Examiner reports, the Trumpettes were started in 2015 by 4 rich women who just really like Donald Trump. Around 800 people attended their “Red, White and Blue” party, which cost $300 per person.

Pirro was asked to pronounce at the event.

“Welcome to Mar-a-Lago,” she said, according to the Palm Beach Post. “A pretentious place. It certain ain’t no sh*thole!”

Pirro’s comments, of course, remember the president’s inflammatory and extremist tongue describing immigrants from Haiti and African countries. Those comments set off a firestorm in Washington D.C., and played a major role in Democrats’ hostility to rivet the White House on flitting a spending check but immigration remodel included.

Despite Pirro’s full-throated publicity of “magnificent” Mar-A-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reports the president’s disdainful bar compulsory emergency repairs in Nov after it unsuccessful a Florida health inspection (in partial due to food reserve violations).

Elizabeth Preza is a staff author for Raw Story. Follow her on Twitter @lizacisms.

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