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Fox News Host Shep Smith Suggests White House Was ‘Covering Up’ for Porter

Photo Credit: Fox News Channel

Fox News horde Shep Smith on Tuesday walked by the timeline of the White House’s elaborating response to a flourishing liaison involving former top help Rob Porter.

“Who knew what and when?” Smith asked viewers Tuesday, observant while “we do not nonetheless have a decisive answer,” we do have “a code new timeline” from the White House.

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spoke with reporters after FBI executive Chris Wray testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday, revelation Congress the FBI sensitive the White House about problems with Porter last year. Smith remarkable Wray pronounced the FBI “submitted a prejudiced report on the review in doubt in Mar and then a finished review in late July.”


“So there you go, finished its review in July, upheld it all along and then did follow-up work,” Smith explained, adding the White House is now trying to place the censure on the White House Personnel Security Office.

The Fox News horde explained the administration “needed more” on Porter. “Presumably, the accounts from the ex-wives and the photos and all the rest were not enough, we don’t know,” Smith said.

He also walked by the “other timeline concerns,” including Kelly’s matter praising Porter that was expelled hours after a photo was published that showed one of Porter’s ex-wives with a black eye.

“To sum up here, the White House and the FBI have somewhat opposite timelines, and within the White House there are opposite stories,” Smith said.

“Though the White House has not nonetheless copped to it, the timeline is apropos clear: the FBI told them Porter was a outrageous problem last summer nonetheless he stayed on the job, until what the FBI knew became public,” he added.

“Is the White House covering up for Porter?” Smith asked. “Did they demeanour the other way since he was doing an critical job, in their view, well?”

Watch below, around Fox News:

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