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Fox News Host Shep Smith Compares Trump to Nixon, Implies His Presidency Could End Soon

Photo Credit: Fox News

Republican President Donald Trump may be treated good on the opinion shows at Fox News, but news anchor Shep Smith is holding zero back about the president’s similarities to President Richard Nixon.

A liaison involving reporters defeated Nixon’s presidency, and Smith believes Trump may be next.

After Trump pounded the free press on-air and on Twitter, going so distant as to advise revoking NBC’s licenses to broadcast, Smith reminded his assembly that Nixon wasn’t all that different.


When reporters began putting the feverishness on Nixon, he tried to strong-arm news networks by both in-person meetings and melancholy them with his press secretary.

“[Nixon] targeted The Washington Post, its radio stations and more. His prosecutors drafted legislation to impede journalism,” Smith explained. “In the end, journalism ended his domestic career. The First Amendment stood firm and almost 50 years later, it does today.”

Watch the shred below.

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